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High-quality articles on space exploration and the Moon. 🚀

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Gallery: Marvelous mountains on the Moon

The Moon is home to some amazing mountains. Unlike the millions of years it takes for most mountains on Earth to form via slowly colliding tectonic plates, most lunar mountains form near-instantly by asteroid or cometary impacts. I have previously explained how various Moon mountains form and why to explore them so in this post I just want us to appreciate...

NASA DART mission and planetary defense resources

The Planetary Society has put up truly comprehensive and excellent resources on NASA's DART mission to smash an asteroid, and planetary defense at large. NASA / APL / Steve Gribben

The Moon will always be there

We’re losing the precious starry night sky to pollution. Most people barely look up anymore. Both of these things make me really sad. Imagine entire generations living their lives with a starless sky. Why are we robbing them of wonder, aspiration and our future?But lately I’ve realized that “Oh wait! The Moon will always be there in the sky, visible...

ISRO Mars landing studies

ISRO has begun working on Mars landing technologies. 🚀This is great but ISRO should provide some (any?) info on Mangalyaan 2 first.The graphics in the slide above are from a previous NASA presentation on the topic.Source: Recent talk by a veteran ISRO scientist. Talk slides are provided by reddit user u/Ohsin on r/ISRO.

Moon Monday Issue #54

Highlight & ScienceNASA has selected Intuitive Machines as the commercial lander provider to deliver 92 kilograms of science and technology payloads to the swirl of Reiner Gamma on the Moon as part of the agency’s CLPS program. For a bargain price of $77.5 million, Intuitive Machines will land and jointly operate five rovers and a bunch of science...

Moon Monday Issue #53

As Moon Monday completed a year worth of lunar exploration and science coverage, I’m still collecting feedback from my readers to better cover the upcoming wave of Moon missions launching from across the globe. Please spare 2 minutes to take this anonymous survey.Take the 2-minute survey 📄HighlightNASA officially announced that landing of the first...

VERITAS, NASA’s Venus mapper

An artist's concept showing NASA’s VERITAS spacecraft using its radar to map features on Venus. Credit: NASA / JPL-CaltechVenus is a hellscape. Its thick carbon dioxide atmosphere creates a runaway greenhouse effect causing average surface temperatures of 470 degrees Celsius—hot enough to melt lead. Venus’ inhospitable nature is further affirmed by...

Moon Monday #52

Moon Monday completes a year of covering global lunar exploration and science updates. And I’m happy to say I haven’t missed a single week! 🎉Moon Monday also recently crossed a 1,000 email subscribers, many of which are planetary scientists, people working at space agencies, engineers at space companies, and fellow writers and journalists. It’s a personal...

Sponsor Jatan's Space

Jatan’s Space: High-quality articles on space exploration and the Moon 🌗I never display ads and all my work is free to access. Your support will keep me going as an indie writer on a lifelong mission to evangelize exploration of space and our Moon.Sponsor Jatan's Space 🚀The Donorbox linked above has lower fees but if it doesn’t work, try my Patreon...

In Space We Trust wallpapers

On October 4, 1957, the Soviet Union launched Sputnik, the world’s first satellite, marking the advent of the Space Age. Along with the Outer Space Treaty coming into effect a decade later, the week of Oct 4-10 is now internationally declared as the World Space Week. To celebrate the sheer significance of humanity launching something into Earth orbit...

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