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Moon Monday #176: The anatomy of China’s first crewed lunar landing, CLPS updates, and more

Welcome to the third Chinese lunar special after Moon Monday #174 and Moon Monday #175. In this edition, the top story focuses on contextualizing all that comprises China’s first crewed Moon landing mission.CGI concept of China’s first crewed Moon landing mission. Image: PhilLeafSpaceIt’s incredible how China has made systematic strides with their Moon...

Mon May 20, 2024 18:04
Moon Monday #175: China helps Pakistan kickstart lunar exploration, and preps for crew with Chang’e 8

This week the Chinese lunar theme continues from Moon Monday #174 as we try to get a contextual understanding of the country’s lunar endeavors—information about which is otherwise usually scattered in bits and pieces.Illustration of the Chang’e 6 spacecraft stack in lunar orbit. Image: CNSA / CGTNNew craft around Luna, including a first for PakistanOn...

Mon May 13, 2024 15:15
Communicating space exploration via media roundtables, podcasts, and news outlets

Image: Duke University’s Space Diplomacy LabI’ve been speaking about exploring space, our Moon, and science writing on multiple forums lately, more so than the usual. But I didn’t want to share each of these talks and interviews as individual blog posts, and then also promote them all on like five social networks. These “modern” ways of reaching humans...

Sat May 11, 2024 15:13
Moon Monday #174: Launch of Chang’e 6, the instrumental 7, and claims that are questionable

This week’s Moon Monday is a Chinese lunar program special, covering the incredible Chang’e 6 and 7 missions, with some commentary questioning claims and narratives around some of China’s decisions. At 2600 words, this is likely the longest Moon Monday ever so grab a coffee or beverage of your choice and enjoy an uninterrupted read.Launch of the Chang’e...

Mon May 6, 2024 19:42
Indian Space Progress #15: An ISRO-JAXA collaboration for the Moon, aiding Artemis, and more

In this month’s Indian Space Progress edition, I want to highlight how increasing independence in being able to plan and execute planetary missions can lead to uniquely impactful collaborations between organizations globally. India’s Chandrayaan program has been becoming incrementally indigenous, and the two stories below highlight its utility with...

Tue Apr 30, 2024 16:31
Moon Monday #173: An array of NASA Artemis & CLPS updates, and more

I’m delighted to share that The Orbital Index is continuing being a Moon Monday sponsor for the third year in a row! 🚀Their crisp, technical archive of weekly space updates over the last five years is genuinely worth perusing, and searching within, because Andrew, Ben and Sarajane ensure it’s well curated and broad in perspectives—traits which partly...

Mon Apr 29, 2024 16:00

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