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Adapting to a Buyer-First Mentality

Buyer-first mentality is simply defined as it’s a buyer’s world, and sellers are just living in it. In the past, traditional sellers could easily come in and build a case because they were a superstar, had great product knowledge, and were able to support the buyer’s organization. In essence, they were selling what they could accomplish for the client...

How to Know What Type of Salespeople You Have and How to Manage Talents

Do you ever wonder if you could be getting more out of your sales team? What if you could better understand their strengths and weaknesses and coach them to reach their full potential? Understanding the talents of each person on your team and coaching to these talents allows you to grow the individual and the organization. But how can you tell how...

How Consistent is Your Feedback?

  Have you ever played the hot and cold guessing game? “You’re freezing cold, you’re thawing out, you’re getting warmer, you’re on fire!” The person in charge of the game hides an object and then gives you feedback based on how close (hot) or far (cold) you are from what they’ve hidden. Now imagine searching for their hidden object without receiving...

Media Sales Report – Sales Department with Stephanie Downs and Susan McCullin

This season on Improving Sales Performance, we’re analyzing the findings from our latest Media Sales Report. With data collected from surveys conducted in Q4 of last year, the responses from sales managers and salespeople alike will help us chart a solid path forward through the media sales landscape.      In each episode, Matt is joined by a rolling...

A Leader’s Guide to Recruiting Sales Superstars

According to Fortune, 65% of US workers are looking for a new job. If you’re looking to fill a position, that sounds promising, right? But wait — LinkedIn found that 76% of managers admit attracting the right candidates is their greatest challenge. With so many workers looking for new jobs, why are managers still struggling to attract talent? The...

I Just Hired a Green Salesperson. Now What?

Starting a new job can be nerve-wracking, especially in sales, where the pressure is on to deliver results from day one. As a manager, it's your job to not only set your new hires up for success but also to ensure they are a good fit for your team and company culture. While experience and skills are important, don't underestimate the power of...

Habits of Successful Salespeople ⁠— The Best Sales Hacks for 2023

There are many habits that successful salespeople share. Some of the most common ones include: Setting clear goals Time management Planning Persistence Communication skills Empathy  Adaptability Continuous learning Here are more detailed explanations from our experts at The Center for Sales Strategy.

What Lights Your Fire? 6 Tips for Employee Motivation

Everyone you manage is uniquely wired with differing drives, values, and motivation levels. If you take a moment to reflect on your team, you can probably identify those who only need a little spark from you to light their fire and motivate them, while others require you to gather kindling, get down on your hands and knees, and rub sticks together before...

The Best Recession-Ready Talent Strategy

During a recession, businesses must strategize their talent management to weather the economic downturn.  Here are some of the best recession-ready recruitment tactics as it becomes harder to find talented people.

3 Ways to Achieve Sales Performance Improvement

Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, and Tiger Woods are all known for their exceptional talent and success in their respective sports. However, they also have something else in common: they all had coaches who played a significant role in their careers. Some might argue that it was their coaches — Bill Belichick, Phil Jackson, and Earl Woods —  who helped...

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