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The Center for Sales Strategy covers topics important for B2B sales organizations under the categories of Talent, Sales, Sales Management, Inbound Marketing and Digital Sales.

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The Value and Benefits of Executive Leadership Development

57% percent of people were reported to quit their jobs because of poor leadership in their organization. Leaders set the tone of an organization's culture. In order to retain a happy and productive workplace, it's integral to understand the value of leadership development.  Leaders can be found via a talent search. In other instances, leaders are...

Using The Right Sales Strategy to Secure More Quality Appointments

Today, I'm going to share with you 3 TOP SECRET strategies to help you secure more new business appointments. These proprietary strategies will help you get more meetings than you could ever imagine.

4 Reasons Social Selling Is So Effective

Social selling is on its way to equaling (and possibly overtaking) conventional selling in the near future. One study stated that with more than 3 billion people using social media worldwide in 2021, the customer base is right where social salespeople want them. Way back in 2020, before the world had gone haywire due to COVID and in the early days...

Talent Acquisition: How Do I Hire Better Talent?

We are always asking our salespeople to prospect and keep their eyes open for new potential clients. As sales managers, we need to treat recruitment the same way. Recruitment will continue to be a buyer’s market in 2022. According to The Undercover Recruiter, the best candidates are in and out of the job market within 10 days. It’s tempting, and...

Weekly Roundup: Returning To The Office, Culture + More

- MOTIVATION - "Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower."   - AROUND THE WEB - << If you only read one thing >> Returning To The Office? Not So Fast. The Case For Remote Sales– Gong Your team has been working remotely for 2+ years, and you are ready to bring them back to the office. But are they...

Innovative Strategies to Close the Sales Performance Gap and Boost Revenue

The Pareto principle has been applied to everything from farming and land ownership to productivity and employee performance since the Italian economist Vincent Pareto first coined it in 1896.

10 Things Your Clients Won’t Say Out Loud

Creating an environment of trust and becoming a trusted advisor is one of the most important roles of a successful sales professional.   That requires a shift from focusing on selling your product or solution to understanding and meeting the needs of the prospect or client in the now, near, and far.

The Art of Asking for Sales Testimonials

Most salespeople will claim to have many happy customers, but can they prove it? Renewals and repeat customers are one thing, but many buyers can live with being content with their seller and stick with who they know because nothing is broken, but what evidence is there of your raving fans?

Weekly Roundup: Upcoming Leaders, Sales Prospecting Tips + More

- MOTIVATION - "If you are not willing to learn, then no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you."   - AROUND THE WEB - << If you only read one thing >> Who Are The Upcoming Leaders In Your Company?– The Great Game of Business Most companies spend countless hours working on strategy, sales...

Sales Managers Can Help Salespeople Close More Deals

I know what you’re thinking…  NO, I do not think sales managers should close deals for their salespeople. Doing that (consistently) only causes more issues, but that's not what this is about. The reality is, while pending business is great, what we need to see is salespeople closing business.

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