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What will happen in martech in 2024? A no-BS report and webinar by two giant martech nerds

Want to know what 2024 has in store for martech? I’m not talking about wild-eyed, hand-wavy, link-baity prognostications that proliferate in every year-end prediction season like that one Mariah Carey Christmas tune. I mean real-world, fact-based, happening-now trends that will inform your marketing operations and technology strategy...

Tue Nov 7, 2023 17:31
Products in the “long tail” of martech have a wide range of different strategies and aspirations

At last count, there are over 11,000 products on the martech landscape. And while it’s been a tough couple of years for many SaaS companies, forcing industry consolidation through acquisitions or shutdowns, the number of new martech startups that keep entering the field remains remarkably robust. Are these people nuts? Hold that thought....

Sun Oct 22, 2023 20:20
Dissolving martech? Tech stack aggregation brings more power to marketing, more control to IT

Was it John Lennon who wrote, “Imagine there’s no martech, I wonder if you can?” I may be misremembering that lyric. But it’s what came to mind when I saw the above chart. It’s from a new Gartner report, 4 Actions to Improve Martech ROI, and it reveals a pretty dramatic shift in ownership of martech responsibilities from marketing to...

Mon Sep 25, 2023 16:46
Martech utilization problems: how to diagnose and remedy them

Martech utilization sucks. At least that’s the conclusion one draws from Gartner’s latest 2023 Marketing Technology Survey, which includes the above chart. “Thinking about the totality of the capabilities made available by marketing technology, what percentage of those capabilities are being utilized by your company today?” The average...

Mon Aug 28, 2023 17:13
Martech stacks and staff are stabilizing, thanks to both better integration and budget pressure

One of the most interesting annual martech surveys out there is the Martech Replacement Survey produced by the team at (Kudos to Chris Elwell, whose brainchild this was.) Every year they ask marketers: Did you replace any martech applications in your stack? Why did you replace them? What did you look for in...

Wed Aug 16, 2023 20:10
Conway’s Law vs. Inverse Conway’s Law and the future of build vs. buy in martech

I’ve floated the idea of an Inverse Conway’s Law in previous posts before, but only in passing. So today I want to fully describe the concept, because I believe it is a useful way to understand some of the current challenges in martech — and why it may drive a major shift in marketing software in the AI Era. Conway’s Law (broad interpretation)...

Tue Aug 8, 2023 15:31

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