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Société Générale’s useless euro stablecoin: when bank blockchain units go feral

Société Générale’s euro-backed stablecoin, EUR CoinVertible (EURCV), has been listed on the Bitstamp exchange in Luxembourg! This is the first stablecoin issued by a bank! If you stretch the word “first” and the word “stablecoin.” EURCV is as useful as every other enterprise blockchain scheme — it doesn’t do anything, but you can market it with ancient...

Sun Dec 10, 2023 00:18
Bitcoin goes up! Can 5 billion unbacked tethers kickstart a fresh crypto bubble?

By Amy Castor and David Gerard Help our work: if you liked this post, tell just one other person. It really helps, especially since Twitter’s so bad now. You can also send us money! Here’s Amy’s Patreon and here’s David’s. For casual tips, here’s Amy’s Ko-Fi and here’s David’s. “They all went to live in a bitcoin wallet upstate where there’s...

Wed Dec 6, 2023 23:30
Crypto collapse: SEC brings regulatory clarity to Kraken and Celsius, stablecoins for the UK, crypto money laundering

Amy and I have another news roundup! It’s over at Amy’s. [Amy Castor] In this edition: The SEC helpfully hits Kraken with a hammer marked “regulatory clarity”; Celsius Network’s plan to transition to a NewCo falls afoul of the SEC needing proper accounts for pre-bankruptcy Celsius — and their QuickBooks and Google spreadsheets aren’t quite sufficient;...

Mon Dec 4, 2023 00:42
Binance gets hit with crypto’s worst possible fate: compliance

By Amy Castor and David Gerard Send us money! Here’s Amy’s Patreon, and here’s David’s. Sign up today! For one-off tips, we have Ko-Fi tip jars — here’s Amy’s and here’s David’s. If you like this article, please forward it to just one other person. Twitter’s useless these days. Thank you! In our 100%* reliable guide to the future of crypto in...

Wed Nov 22, 2023 23:58
Pivot to AI: Microsoft looks into taking over Torment Nexus development

On Sunday, I was hoping never to have to write about Sam Altman at OpenAI again. By Monday, we had a thousand words of notes. A coherent writeup of the last couple of days has just been posted by Amy. [Amy Castor] Never bet against the paperclip maximizer. It always wins.   Sam Altman. Your subscriptions keep this site going. Sign up today!

Tue Nov 21, 2023 23:27
Pivot to AI: Replacing Sam Altman with a very small shell script

By Amy Castor and David Gerard We need your support for more posts like this. Send us money! Here’s Amy’s Patreon, and here’s David’s. Sign up today! If you liked this post, please tell one other person. Thank you!   Sam and Ilya, back in the happier days of June 2023   Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, was unexpectedly fired by the board on...

Sat Nov 18, 2023 22:41

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