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As Terra Dies and Forks, Protocols and Projects Move to Polygon

Polygon is calling on projects displaced and disgruntled by Terra’s collapse to join its ranks.

How an Indie Author Is Using Ethereum NFTs to Engage and Inspire Readers

"Lost Children of Andromeda" translates a sci-fi book series into an NFT-powered “read-to-earn” game and creative community.

Decrypt at Cannes: Decentralized Pictures CEO Leo Matchett Talks Hollywood Embracing Crypto

Decrypt's Stephen Graves heads to the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, where he sits down with Leo Matchett of Decentralized Pictures, the Roman Coppola-backed nonprofit using crypto and blockchain voting to find, fund, and produce films.

Decrypt at Cannes: 'Calladita' Director Miguel Faus on Funding Films with NFTs

Decrypt's Stephen Graves is on the scene at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, where he spoke to Miguel Faus, director of the film "Calladita," who funded his movie by selling NFTs to backers including NounsDAO.

Ethereum Gaming DAOs Yield Guild, Merit Circle in Dispute Over Funding

Members of the Merit Circle DAO community want to refund Yield Guild’s seed investment, claiming a lack of additional support.

Everything Elon Musk Has Planned for Twitter

Open-source code, in-app payments and… Dogecoin? Here's what the Tesla CEO plans for the social media platform post-takeover.

ECB Chief and Bitcoin Critic Christine Lagarde Says Her Son Trades Crypto

But the central bank chief said she still wouldn’t go near digital assets.

Tether Enters Latin American Market with Mexican Peso-Backed Stablecoin

Tether, the company behind the crypto industry’s largest stablecoin, has launched a new stablecoin pegged to the Mexican peso.

Bitcoin Gaming App ZEBEDEE Integrates MoonPay

ZEBEDEE users in the U.S. can add Bitcoin funds via MoonPay, and soon will be able to sell Bitcoin for fiat currency as well.

Hacker Steal Your Crypto? New MetaMask Tool Could Help You Get it Back

MetaMask will pay a crypto detective service called Asset Reality to help users who fell victim to a hacking attack on their wallet.

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