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Simulating matter on the quantum scale with AI

Using neural networks to model electron interactions in molecules and materials, advancing the state-of-the-art towards the long-standing challenge of the density functional in quantum chemistry

Language modelling at scale: Gopher, ethical considerations, and retrieval

We are releasing three papers on language models, Gopher, ethical considerations, and retrieval.

Exploring the beauty of pure mathematics in novel ways

Discovering new patterns in the fields of topology and representation theory with machine learning

Real-World Challenges for AGI

Koray Kavukcuoglu, VP of Research, discusses why addressing real-world challenges now helps advance the development of true AGI.

Opening up a physics simulator for robotics

As part of DeepMind's mission of advancing science, we have acquired the MuJoCo physics simulator and are making it freely available for everyone, to support research everywhere.

Stacking our way to more general robots

Introducing RGB-Stacking as a new benchmark for vision-based robotic manipulation.

Predicting gene expression with AI

Our new Enformer architecture advances genetic research by improving the ability to predict how DNA sequence influences gene expression.

Nowcasting the Next Hour of Rain

Our latest research and state-of-the-art model advances the science of Precipitation Nowcasting.

Building architectures that can handle the world’s data

Perceiver IO, a more general version of the Perceiver architecture, can produce a wide variety of outputs from many different inputs.

Generally capable agents emerge from open-ended play

In new work, algorithmic advances and new training environments lead to agents which exhibit general heuristic behaviours.

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