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Was ist Ethereum?

Ethereum ist eine Blockchain auf der Programmcode dezentral ausgeführt werden kann. Also quasi ein Weltcomputer, auf dem jeder nachprüfbar, stets verfügbar und unmanipulierbar, dezentrale Programme laufen lassen kann. Gegen eine Gebühr in Ether, dem Token des Ethereum Netzwerkes, kann jeder […]

London Ethereum meetup March

The Ethereum meetup in London, organized by Stephen Tual from, had a huge turnout of about 150 people. Thanks to David Wood, you can watch the videos of the meetup here and here. Thibaut Rouffineau demonstrated how the Snappy […]

Blockchain Grenoble Meetup

The Blockchain Grenoble Meetup is still pretty young, but is already hosting a bunch of interesting blockchain events. Founded by Sajida Zouarhi, the group tries to gather curious people (from technical and non-technical backgrounds) around blockchain topics to learn and […]

Kyiv Ethereum meetup

The Kyiv meetup was joined by more 10 Ethereum enthusiasts, including financiers, lawyers, programmers and students, as well as 2 Skype-ins. The Skype call with owner of from Nikolaev, was about the possibility to distribute ether through a network […]

Kansai blockchain meetup

The blockchain meetup in Kansai, organized by Mai “MissBitcoin” Fujimoto attracted several blockchain enthusiasts and sparked many interesting discussions. The speaker this time was Ken Shishido from the Tokyo Bitcoin meetup group

Ethereum meetups in Toronto

Blockchain was a big topic this month in Toronto, starting off with Ethereum’s William Mougayar at Girl Geeks Toronto, talking about how the blockchain changes everything, what developers have to expect and that banks are so interested in, as they […]

Digital Democracy in Oslo

The decentralized tech group in Oslo had a meetup on digital democracy, where Lasse Gullvåg Sætre gave an overview of new forms of governance, including digital democracy, liquid democracy and how the Ethereum blockchain could facilitate the decentralization all the […]

A list of decentralized web projects outside of the Ethereum ecosystem

  This list is intended for Ethereum enthusiasts who might not be familiar with projects and decentralized applications (dapps) outside of the Ethereum ecosystem (if you would like a full list of Ethereum dapps, remember to check out the state […]

Blockchain Discussion with Vitalik Buterin & Peter Todd

Blockchain Discussion with Vitalik Buterin and Peter Todd at OneEleven Accelerator. Place: 111 Richmond St W, Toronto, ON From the event page: Join us for an intimate evening with Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin and bitcoin core developer Peter Todd. They […]

International Ethereum summary 1/31

English Deutsch Any other important article? Can you help with another language? For up to date information, follow us on Twitter or Facebook. English A UK government report gave a positive outlook and suggested to use the blockchain, invest in […]

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