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Historical Imagery on Google Street View Now Available on Mobile

To celebrate Google Street View's 15th birthday, the tech giant has rolled out its historical Street View imagery to mobile after it was previously only available on desktop. [Read More]

What is Crop Factor? Here is What You Need to Know

"Crop factor" is a term that is often heard in the world of digital photography, especially when discussing entry-level cameras. If you have no idea what it means, this article is a basic explanation that should help to fill you in. [Read More]

Rotolight’s New Parabolic Softboxes are a Bit Confusing

Rotolight has announced a set of new parabolic softbox umbrellas for the AEOS, NEO, or any other similarly sized LED with the promise of its ability to produce high-quality soft light. [Read More]

CamFi Unveils New Wireless Tethering System For Remote Photography

Camfi has announced the new CamFi 3 and CamFi 3 Plus wireless tethering devices that promise to transfer photos directly to a computer or mobile device from a variety of ranges for use in an assortment of shooting situations. [Read More]

California Man Captures Stunning Wildlife Photos in His Backyard

Photographer and wildlife biologist Roy Toft captures beautiful photos of mountain lions, bobcats, deer, and more in his backyard with his perfectly placed trail cameras. [Read More]

Gigantic 360-Degree Panorama of Barcelona is a Staggering 45 Gigapixels

Photographer Jeffrey Martin has been creating massive gigapixel photos for the better part of a decade. His latest is a massive 45-gigapixel photo of Barcelona that provides incredible detail of one of Europe's most beautiful cities. [Read More]

19-Year-Old Wins Australasia’s Top Emerging Photographer 2022

19-year-old Jodi Weisz has been named the overall winner of Australasia's Top Emerging Photographer 2022 for his documentary portfolio of contemporary youth culture. [Read More]

California Parents Could Soon Sue for Addiction to Social Media

California may soon hold social media companies responsible for the harm caused to children who become addicted to their products thanks to a new bill that passed the state Assembly. [Read More]

10 Best Free Online Photography Courses in 2022

With every year that goes past, photography becomes more and more accessible to the average person. Compared to even a decade ago, even the most basic cameras – including those on your smartphone – produce excellent images. Moreover, you can find plenty of free resources and classes that give you all the information you need to succeed. [Read More]

BeReal is a Photo-Sharing App That Limits You to One Photo Per Day

A new photo app has surged in popularity thanks to an unusual premise: it only allows users to post one photo per day and only at a randomized specific time. [Read More]

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