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The Limits of ‘Computational Photography’

My name is Will Yager, and I'm a software engineer. I was recently discussing laser etching with an engineer/font-designer friend of mine, and I wanted to show him a picture of some really good laser etching on a particular piece of optical equipment. [Read More]

How to Photograph Sun Rays in a Forest

The Speulderforest (“Het Speulderbos” in Dutch) is a beautiful and serene forest, and one of the best ways to capture its natural beauty is through photography. It’s one of the more popular forests when it comes to woodland photography in The Netherlands. [Read More]

Shooting the Landscape at 70 Miles an Hour

Landscape photography at 70 mph. Is it even possible? For years the idea of landscape photography was to put your camera on a tripod, frame very carefully, then wait for the light to be perfect before you shot. But what if you had to do everything in exactly the opposite way? [Read More]

‘Blue Marble’: How Half a Century of Climate Change Has Altered the Face of the Earth

In December 1972, NASA's final Apollo mission (Apollo 17) took the iconic “Blue Marble” photo of the whole Earth. Many, including science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke, had expected that the sight of Earth from afar would instill the belief that mankind’s future lay in space. [Read More]

Canon USA Settles with Employees Affected by 2020 Ransomware Attack

Canon USA has agreed to settle claims regarding the data breach it suffered in August of 2020 and will pay affected employees cash for compromising their personal data. [Read More]

RODE NT-USB+ Studio Microphone Review: Good Gets Even Better

RODE's NT-USB+ is a modern update on a microphone that was one of the best desktop podcasting mics you could buy for the past several years. This new version makes necessary upgrades without taking away from what made the original great. It's an all-around win. [Read More]

Storaxa is a Customizable Remote NAS and Home Cloud Storage System

Arrotrack Technology has announced a new fully customizable remote NAS cloud storage system called Storaxa. [Read More]

U.S. is Tracking Massive Chinese Spy Balloon Floating Over Montana

The United States government is currently tracking what it describes as a Chinese "high-altitude surveillance balloon" as it floats over Montana. [Read More]

Instagram May Be Considering a Paid Subscription Plan with a Blue Badge

While Twitter did not have the smoothest rollout of its paid "verification" badges, Instagram might be toying with rolling such a feature out too if a few small references in its code are any indication of its plans. [Read More]

Not Even Qualcomm Thinks People Are Going to Buy Smartphones Right Now

Even Qualcomm, the company that makes the near-ubiquitous Snapdragon brand of smartphone chips, doesn't think many people are going to be buying smartphones -- at least not in the first half of 2023. [Read More]

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