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Windows 11 Full Review: New UI, Features and Changes

A quick review of Windows 11 in one word would be “Just beautiful”. When I installed Windows 11 in one of my Windows 10 devices and I signed into the Desktop, I was amazed to see the beautiful wallpaper, centered… Read the full article at

[Tip] How to Enable Passwordless Login in Your Microsoft Account

We need to remember several passwords for different email accounts, social network accounts, user profiles used in various online forums/blogs, etc. Many times we write down these passwords in diaries or store them in our computers. Storing passwords in PC… Read the full article at

[Tip] Force WhatsApp to Always Send and Share Your High Quality Photos in Original Resolution

We all share our videos and photos with our friends, relatives, colleagues using popular messenger app “WhatsApp” in our smartphones. You might have noticed that when you send a photo or video using WhatsApp, it automatically resizes the photo and… Read the full article at

[Tip] How to Change Background Color of Tab bar or Title bar in Mozilla Firefox

If you want to change or customize default background color of tab bar or title bar in Mozilla Firefox web browser, this tutorial will help you in applying any desired color to these toolbars in Firefox browser. You’ll also be… Read the full article at

[Tip] Enable New HTTPS Connection Security Indicator Icon in Chrome Address bar

Newer versions of Google Chrome web browser (v93 and later) come with a brand new indicator icon for connection security displayed in the address bar. By default, the new icon is not displayed and Chrome still shows old icon the… Read the full article at

[Tip] Enable New WebUI Branding Update Design in Google Chrome Settings Page

Google Chrome developer team is going to make several UI changes to Settings and other built-in pages in Chrome web browser. These UI changes will be implemented in future versions of Chrome but the team has already started putting some… Read the full article at

[Fix] Your Browser is Managed by Your Organization Message in Microsoft Edge

Recently a reader contacted me regarding “Your browser is managed by your organization” error message display issue in Microsoft Edge web browser. In his Windows 10 device, the Microsoft Edge browser was showing this error message on almost all built-in… Read the full article at

[Tip] Show or Hide Title bar in Vertical Tabs Mode in Microsoft Edge Web Browser

If you use Microsoft Edge web browser, you might be aware of its new feature “Vertical Tabs“. This new feature moves the tab bar to the left side of Microsoft Edge window. This way the browser shows all running tabs… Read the full article at

How to Disable and Remove Tab Groups Feature in Microsoft Edge

If you upgraded or installed new version of Microsoft Edge web browser (version 93 or later), you might have noticed that it comes with a new “Tab Groups” feature which allows users to create separate groups or collections of desired… Read the full article at

Windows 11 will Release on October 05, 2021

Microsoft has made official announcement about the General Availability (GA) of Windows 11. Here are the main key points of today’s announcement: Windows 11 release date is October 5, 2021. On October 5, 2021, Windows 11 will be available on… Read the full article at

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