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Guide for React with D3.js

Amelia Wattenberger wrote a guide on how you can use the JavaScript library React with D3.js. I know next to nothing about the former, but probably should, so this was useful. Tags: Amelia Wattenberger, D3, JavaScript, React

Code (data) as therapy

For Wired, Craig Mod writes about how he uses code as a way to find order during less coherent times: Break the problem into pieces. Put them into a to-do app (I use and love Things). This is how a creative universe is made. Each day, I’d brush aside the general collapse of society that seemed to be happening outside of the frame of my life, and dive...

Vaccine efficacy rates explained

Vox explains efficacy rates and why the best vaccine is the one you get now: Tags: coronavirus, vaccine, Vox

✚ Look for the Good Charts – The Process 134

Focus on the possibilities instead of all of things you shouldn't do. Read More

Tooth Fairy Exchange Rate

Calculating how much money a kid gets after exchanging all twenty baby teeth. Read More

Collecting reports of anti-Asian hate crimes

The New York Times collected, categorized, and linked to reports of anti-Asian hate crimes over the past year. The levels of ignorance, cowardice, and stupidity is off the charts. Tags: Asian, hate crime, New York Times, race

Stores that closed on famous shopping streets

Pre-pandemic, we walked around shopping areas casually browsing, but a lot of retail didn’t make it through. For Quartz, Amanda Shendruk looks at the closures on famous shopping streets, complete with a location-appropriate vehicle to drive in and a police car that appears if you scroll too fast. Tags: Amanda Shendruk, coronavirus, Quartz, shopping,...

When you don’t own your face

For The New York Times, Kashmir Hill describes the implications of facial recognition becoming a thing that everyone just has: Retail chains that get their hands on technology like this could try to use it to more effectively blacklist shoplifters, a use Rite Aid has already piloted (but abandoned). In recent years, surveillance companies casually...

Public agencies using facial recognition software without oversight

An anonymous source supplied BuzzFeed News with usage data from Clearview AI, the facial recognition service that was banned by many police departments nationwide. Many agencies still used and/or tried it: The data, provided by a source who declined to be named for fear of retribution, has limitations. When asked about it in March of this year, Clearview...

Technopolitics of the U.S. census

Dan Bouk and Danah Boyd wrote an essay on the data infrastructure and politics behind the decennial census: Like all infrastructures, the U.S. decennial census typically lives in the obscurity afforded by technical complexity. It goes unnoticed outside of the small group of people who take pride in being called “census nerds.” It rumbles on, essentially...

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