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The cult of Columbine: how an obsession with school shooters led to a murder plot – podcast

2019-09-30T11:00:14ZLindsay Souvannarath arrives at provincial court for a preliminary hearing in Halifax on Wednesday, July 8, 2015.• Read the text version here获取更多RSS:

‘The way universities are run is making us ill’: inside the student mental health crisis

2019-09-27T04:59:24ZWhen he started working at Brunel University London 19 years ago, Terry Vass, who is now head of security, recalls that most of his work involved breaking up drunken fights outside the bars and nightclub on campus. Over the two decades he has been in the job, he has noticed a shift. Now, an increasing number of calls are for mental...

Inside the bizarre, bungled raid on North Korea's Madrid embassy – podcast

2019-09-27T11:00:39ZPresident Donald Trump (R) meets with North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un• Read the text version here获取更多RSS:

‘My body feels like it is dying from the drugs that are meant to save me’: life as a cancer patient

2019-09-26T04:59:53ZChris ClarkeWhen the technician leaves the room, I turn my head towards the screen to interpret any neoplasms, the webs of nerves, the small lit fonts in which my pathology or my future might be written. The first tumour I ever saw was a darkness on that screen, round with a long craggy finger jutting from it. I took a photo of it...

The girl in the box: the mysterious crime that shocked Germany

2019-09-24T05:00:39ZIllustration by Paul Blow/The GuardianIn the Alpine foothills in the far south of Germany is a vast lake called the Ammersee. Its shores are dotted with centuries-old villages where wealthy families from Munich buy large second homes and tourists drink beer at waterfront restaurants. At the north end of the lake is a pair of such...

Athleisure, barre and kale: the tyranny of the ideal woman – podcast

2019-09-23T11:00:27ZPeaceful woman doing yoga outdoors and enjoying the sunrise at the beach• Read the text version here获取更多RSS:

People v mosquitos: what to do about our biggest killer

2019-09-20T05:01:08ZAn Aedes mosquito feeding on a human arm. We are at war with the mosquito. A swarming and consuming army of 110tn enemy mosquitoes patrols every inch of the globe except for Antarctica, Iceland and a handful of French Polynesian micro-islands. The biting female warrior of this droning insect population is armed with at least 15 lethal...

The race to create a perfect lie detector, and the dangers of succeeding – podcast

2019-09-20T11:31:07ZPolygraph Needle• Read the text version here获取更多RSS:

Why can’t we agree on what’s true any more?

2019-09-19T05:00:29Zillustration collage: screens, mouths, speech bubbles, news imagesWe live in a time of political fury and hardening cultural divides. But if there is one thing on which virtually everyone is agreed, it is that the news and information we receive is biased. Every second of every day, someone is complaining about bias, in everything...

Dark crystals: the brutal reality behind a booming wellness craze

2019-09-17T05:00:50ZAn agate geodeIn February, crystals colonised Tucson. They spread out over carparks and gravel lots, motel courtyards and freeway footpaths, past strip malls and burger bars. Beneath tents and canopies, on block after block, rested every kind of stone imaginable: the opaque, soapy pastels of angeline; dark, mossy-toned epidote; tourmaline...

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