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A brief(?) history of information competency at a California community college

In the beginning When I first started teaching Library 4, a 1-unit information competency course (in CA community colleges we call information literacy information competency) in 2005, there was just one section offered per semester and I barely had 5-10 students per class. The college let me teach it because I needed the experience since I was a very...

My first time lapse with miniature effect video

I decided to try the miniature filter effect on my Lumix GX85 on a rainy day in Long Beach, CA.  I saw an opportunity when I found an Irish pub with a balcony overlooking 2nd Street.  It was raining and I was standing in ankle deep water when I tried to set this up. I forgot a lot of things like turning off autofocus and determining shutter speed. Oh...

San José Pillow Fight, 2019

I continue to work on my video skills and put myself to the test with this event. I had to deal with a lot of movement and I was having a hard time focusing quickly. I hope that I can get better at that. Also I had to avoid not getting hit. Some of the transitions are a little rough. Also, there is some lossiness and I can’t understand why.  I am using...

Women’s March, San Jose, 2019

The third annual Women’s March was held on January 19, 2019 in hundreds of cities across the United States. I was in San José with many others and recorded these shots and videos. I have compiled them into this 2 minute video.  Enjoy.

My first time lapse video

Here’s my first time lapse video EVER. I made it with my Lumix GX85 camera.  You need to be in manual mode when you shoot, so for a novice like me, I combed the web for advice. Here were my settings: Manual mode F 5.6 aperture 1/160 shutter speed ISO 200 Interval: 3 seconds (I will slow this down to 5 sec when taking this kind of video again) Clip...

Playing with my new Lumix GX85

I took my new Lumix GX85 to the local park to test out the video and the two”kit” lenses that came with it.  I was ready to have a very frustrating experience due to my lack of movie making skills. Even though I had a bit of a time focusing, I think it came out pretty well for my first try. I edited in Camtasia since that is the only video editing software...

test post

This is a test post to see it if shows up on my Blog page. Something happened and my posts are not showing up.

Open Access and OER: The Nuts and Bolts

This is one of my videos explaining the difference between Open Access and OER to students. It was one of my assignments for the Creative Commons Certificate for Librarians course in fall 2018. While it is long, I am still going to keep it and may make it available to students who are interested in … Continue reading "Open Access and OER: The Nuts and...

Creative Commons assignment on Remixes and Collections

Thanks to my Creative Commons instructor, Maran Wolston, I made a slight edit to my description of Collections below.  I hope this serves as a pretty good explanation on the difference between a remix and a collection under Creative Commons licensed works. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Ethical issues in the digital world

This is a collection of information sources to read and be prepared to discuss for the module on algorithmic bias, digital redlining, and big data. A.   B.  Digital Redlining and Privacy: a discussion with Chris Gilliard, Professor of English at Macomb Community College. This was recorded in December, 2016 and part of a podcast … Continue reading "Ethical...

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