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Polestar Gets Closer To Its Goal Of Making A True Climate-Neutral EV

The Polestar 0 project has eight new partners, but the company’s search for carbon-neutral collaborators is far from over.

BMW Recalls Some I4 And IX Models Because Their Noise Generators Might Malfunction

Modern problems require modern solutions, but they’re not failsafe.

Volkswagen Rules Out Hydrogen Passenger Cars, Will Focus On EVs Instead

The German brand’s CEO says hydrogen isn’t competitive.

Toyota Calls On Science To Tell EV-Only Extremists That They’re Wrong

The Japanese carmaker got its share of criticism lately and now it’s fighting back.

Tesla Added 29,000 Jobs In 2022 Amid Mass Layoffs In Tech Sector

Despite some layoffs among its salaried employees, Tesla actually increased its overall headcount by an astonishing 22 percent.

Hyundai Ioniq 6 Receives Impressive EPA Range Ratings

The most efficient version has an EPA combined range of 361 miles (581 km).

Here's Why Free Electric Car Charging Should be Banned

It's ruining the public EV charging experience.

Montague Bikes Presents The M-E1 Urban Folding Electric Bicycle

The M-E1 provides maximum efficiency with 700c wheels and a Shimano STEPS motor.

GM And Lithium Americas Strike $650 Million Investment Agreement

GM's investment will help develop the largest known source of lithium in the US, and GM will get sole access to Phase 1 production.

Tesla Model S/X Get Fresh $3K Discount Or Free Supercharging In US

The discount is on top of the significant price cuts announced earlier this month, but only for buyers who trade in their older Teslas.

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