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2023 BMW iX M60 First Drive Review: More Go, Same Show

Unlike BMW’s other M-Lite cars, the 532-hp, 280-mile iX M60 doesn’t feel worth the money.

Lucid Air Touring Won’t Be Available Until Q4 2022

Prior to this change, the mid-range Air Touring model was expected to arrive one quarter earlier.

Grizzl-E Smart Smart EVSE Commercial Charging Bundle: Fleets, Businesses And More

This bundle includes the charger, as well as the software needed to track all sorts of data points.

Stellantis And Samsung SDI To Build Battery Gigafactory In Indiana

It will start in 2025 with an initial manufacturing capacity of 23 GWh annually (more in the following years).

Tesla Model Y LR Owner Shares His Experience After Three Months

While he loves the car, he is now selling it for the same price he paid when the Model Y Long Range was brand new.

Top Gear Likes The Ford F-150 Lightning But Texans Aren’t As Convinced...

It does start to win the over when they hear about the power and range the Lightning can provide.

Tesla Model S Driver Who Killed Two Will Stand Trial For Manslaughter

The driver may have engaged Tesla Autopilot prior to the deadly crash.

Swiss E-Bike Startup OPIUM To Launch Two Long-Range E-Bikes Soon

The OPIUM 6.0 and 4.0 are claimed to offer a range of up to 211 miles on a single charge.

This Tesla-Based EV Swap Kit Is Specially Made For Land Rover Defenders

Its makers say it is a simple drop-in kit that works with pretty much any version of the old Defender.

GM Patents Dual Charge Ports To Reduce Charging Time, Increase Flexibility

This idea sounds like it’s designed to take advantage of the way GM split the battery pack into two modules in its newest EVs.

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