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Goals Just Before Halftime Mean More – in Football and Business

Examining why 45th-minute goals have outsized importance reveals how timing can affect the outcome of virtually all sorts of competitions.

How to Be a Blue Ocean Strategist in the Post-Pandemic World

A blue ocean mindset uncovers hidden opportunities amid the Covid-era economic crisis.

“Too Elevated”: Raf Simons’s Troubled Stint at Calvin Klein

A short-lived partnership between the sprawling American brand and the celebrated Belgian designer highlights the importance of fit in all its forms.

Organisational Data: The Silver Lining in the Covid-19 Cloud

The shift to virtual working has produced a data boom that could revolutionise organisations – if they know what to do with it.

Calmer Waters: President Biden’s Prospective Foreign Policy

The new president’s foreign policy will differ from Trump’s in style, language and tone more than in substance.

How Ready Are You for the Work-from-Anywhere Era?

Advice from academics and practitioners who are well-versed in the remote working paradigm.

The Great Covid-Driven Teamwork Divide

For most teams, the pandemic either brought colleagues closer or drove them increasingly apart. There are three key reasons why.

How to Build a C-Suite in Less Than Two Years

Indonesian state-owned giant Pertamina had a problem: Its top leaders were all retiring at once. The solution? A new kind of leadership accelerator.

Leadership in Wicked Times

We face extraordinary problems calling for new leadership approaches.

The Music Industry’s Best-Kept Secret? A Gender Creativity Gap

Female solo artists are more likely to put out more creative songs than their male counterparts. The key question is why. Gender inequality and representation in the industry may hold the answer.

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