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Has Hybridity Killed Teamwork?

The time has come to check whether the benefits of teamwork still outweigh the costs.

What It Means to Lead in a Multipolar World

By overcoming our fears and creating a brave space for dialogue, we can relate and lead better in the new multipolar world.

Psychological Safety Unlocks the Potential of Diverse Teams

The dissimilar backgrounds of diverse team members often result in clashes unless care is taken to create a psychologically safe environment.

Taming Your Inner Critic

Eight concrete ways to lead a more contented life.

How Family-Work Conflict Keeps Us Glued to Our Mobile Phones

Torn between family obligations and work, many people can’t resist working on their phones after hours, creating a downward spiral for their well-being and home life.

Creating People-Centric International Organisations With AI

The United Nations is both a fascinating playground for artificial intelligence applications and a showcase of AI implementation problems and solutions.

ENGIE: Powering the Energy Transition With Data

What does it take for a utility company to develop a data- and AI-driven software business?

When Two Leaders Collide, the Result Can Be Less Fraud

When the head of a family firm ranks lower in the family hierarchy than another leader at that firm, the misalignment can help prevent fraud in the emerging market context.

Rethinking the Role of Leaders in the Creative Process

A strong vision and a more disciplined approach can actually equal more creative results.

In Praise of Dictators: A Satire

Liberal democracies are on the decline.

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