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How To Keep From Scrolling Again and Again Through Your Lightroom Panels

This is how to use “Solo Mode” (one of my favorite Lightroom settings) to speed up your workflow. In Solo Mode, only the panel you’re currently working within is visible, while all the rest are collapsed out of sight but always just one click away. Check out the short tip below: Give that a try – you’ll love it! Here’s wishing...

Tue Apr 9, 2024 12:09
The Little Lightroom Finishing Move That Makes a Big Difference

This is a simple move – one where I use the same setting every time – and I do this to nearly all of my images as a finishing move after all the rest of my editing is done. Check it out below: Note: I love how the automated close captioning shows my name as “Scott Kelvin.” LOL! Really simple but so effective. Here’s...

Mon Apr 8, 2024 12:05
My Favorite Duotone Look Lightroom Trick (and some workshop and conference news)

First, three quick news updates: The Lightroom Conference is almost here! Our two-day, two-track online Lightroom Conference is coming up in just 11-days. Details and tickets here (sign up now to save $150). Come with me to Antarctica next February for the trip of a lifetime I’m joining a team of incredibly talented instructors...

Fri Apr 5, 2024 11:26
Lightroom Tip Tuesday: How to Reorder (or Hide) Your Panels in the Develop Module

You can make your workflow more efficient by putting your panels in the order you want them (most often used to least used) and hiding the ones you don’t use at all. Check out this short video on how to do both: That’s all there is to uncluttering your right side panels and making your workflow more efficient. I updated...

Tue Apr 2, 2024 11:35
How To Remove Darkening in the Corners of Your Image

Hi, gang – hope you had an awesome Easter (and maybe checked out some UFL football, which was actually really fun). I know we talk a lot here about adding subtle edge darkening to our images, but in this case, we’re not talking about darkening the edges evenly all around — we’re talking about the other type of vignetting (the bad kind caused by your...

Mon Apr 1, 2024 11:21
The Quick Trick For Sharpening Women’s or Children’s Skin

This is how to use one very powerful slider in Lightroom’s Detail panel to apply sharpening just to your subject’s detail areas (eyes, eyebrows, lips, etc.) without making their skin harsh and grainy (it’s okay to make men’s skin sharp, detailed and textured because nobody really cares about how men look). It’s surprisingly easy,...

Fri Mar 29, 2024 10:23

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