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How is Product Management Like Crossfit?

CrossFit is a training philosophy to improve physical well-being; it is fitness while interacting in an accepting community environment…Continue reading on Product Management Insider »

Mastering Prioritization

Prioritizing is about choosing the order of tasks to be performed based on defined parameters. Being able to define the order of what you…Continue reading on Product Management Insider »

How to Create Effective User Personas

Gain valuable insights, and make better product decisionsPhoto by Christian Fregnan on UnsplashOne of the cornerstones of successful product management is to always have your finger on the pulse of consumers. A product that is built not keeping the needs and wants of its target customer in mind is set up for failure. One of the ways in which you can...

Reframing Product Versions

Moving teams from output- to outcome-focused requires a step change in understanding and internally publicizing what product versions meanPhoto by fauxels from Pexels“The biggest lie in software is Phase 2.” — Lean UX by Jeff Gothelf and Josh SeidenVersion 2 is now live! Have you ever heard of customers talking about Version 2 of a new software? Most...

How to Become a Peak Product Manager

Twelve competencies PMs need to deliver business impactContinue reading on Product Management Insider »

How to Keep Your Product From Falling Into a Slumber

Despite a promising vision and a positive start, tech product development can often falter along the way if denied a proper RESTPhoto by David Clode on UnsplashFor the tech-savvy reader, REST might sound like a discussion about RESTful APIs that are so critical today for any application to connect with the outside world. That’s not a bad guess. But...

The Days of Free Products Are Over

The attention economy moat just got significantly widerI’ll begin by acknowledging we are in painful times not seen for more than a decade. Many are ill or worse, many have lost jobs, and many companies have closed temporarily or will soon cease to exist. We are already seeing this in spades. What we’re also seeing is that the Coronavirus pandemic has...

The Lessons I Learned During My First Big PRD Transfer

I should mark today as one of my best days. I never thought my personal happiness would depend on a product requirement document (PRD). After revising a PRD for god-know-how-many times under a tight deadline and constant stress to move to a new house, coupled with some nights working until 4 am and periodic dreams of failing to transfer the requirements...

Don’t Become a PM Because It’s Cool

Photo by You X Ventures on UnsplashProduct management is a growing trend. Everyone thinks it’s “cool” to be a product manager. It is not uncommon to come across software engineers, designers or business analysts sitting in their office chairs and thinking about quitting their jobs to become a product manager.This trend is perpetuated through social...

Five Simple Ways to Research Your Competition

Photo by Noelle Otto from Pexels“Competition is always a good thing. It focuses us to do our best. A monopoly renders people complacent and satisfied with mediocrity.” — Nancy PearceyKeeping proper tabs on the competition is one of the hallmarks of a successful business. It not only helps to produce a superior product, but it also helps to raise the...

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