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DATA IS S0 BIG !!!!! :)

“To really understand big data, it’s helpful to have some historical background. Big data is data that contains greater variety arriving…Continue reading on Medium »

3 ways to add data skills to your career portfolio for free

More than seven years ago Marc Andreessen penned a now famous essay in the Wall Street Journal headlined Why Software Is Eating The World…Continue reading on Medium »

Three Ways Big Data Help for Businesses

Big data for business is the goal of accelerating big data examination. A lot of money is spent on big data analytics thereby it will…Continue reading on Medium »

Чем похожи CRISP-DM и BABOK®Guide: бизнес-анализ в Data Science

Continue reading on Medium »

Using BigQuery to Track and Estimate Home Heating Oil Deliveries

Google Sheets, Big Query, and Public Data Sets to calculate Degree Days and K-Factor.Continue reading on Medium »

[논문리뷰] BRCA1 유전자 다형성과 암 위험 간의 연관성 : 메타 분석

[The association between BRCA1 gene polymorphism and cancer risk: a meta-analysis] Gui-Ping Xu, Qing Zhao, Ding Wang, Wen-Yue Xie et al…Continue reading on bbko »

The Key Trend

Today no business can succeed without intricate knowledge of its economics or the latest digital technologies. This includes the so-called…Continue reading on modihost »

Entendiendo Industria 4.0

El ultimo mes estuve trabajando con varios clientes en proyectos industriales en Buenos Aires, Queretaro, Puebla, Monterrey y Saltillo, la…Continue reading on Medium »

CyberVein Weekly Report

14/09/2020–20/09/2020Continue reading on CyberVein »

What’s new in Spark 3.0

Cho những ai chưa biết thì Spark 3.0 mới release ngày 18/06/2020. Sau đó vài ngày, DataBricks có tổ chức Spark AI Summit 2020. Tuy là 1 sự…Continue reading on Medium »

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