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Self Driving Car Nanodegree | 2020

My experience and review for Udacity’s Self-Driving Car NanodegreeContinue reading on Medium »

Are We Ready to Give AI Control Over Our Decisions? Is Self-Driving Good Enough to Rely On?

In the past decades, computerized systems have observed major shifts in multiple fields and are the main drivers of the current industrial…Continue reading on Medium »

Why Electric Vehicles Will Change Your Life??

Environmental concerns and energy challenges have prompted the automotive industry to develop clean, efficient, and sustainable vehicles…Continue reading on Medium »

Tesla Driver Pulled Over Driving While Blindfolded and Conducting a Seance

A group of Theosophists was pulled over yesterday near Los Angeles in a Tesla sedan going almost a hundred miles an hour on the 101…Continue reading on The Haven »

Self-Driving Cars Have A Lot To Learn From The Upstream Parable

Dr. Lance Eliot, AI InsiderContinue reading on Medium »

How State and Local Governments Might Consider Approaching Operational Design Domains for…

Operational design domain may be a place for local and state policies to take priority.Continue reading on Medium »

Five things to know about: making self-driving cars safe

To prove computer-driven cars are safer than human-driven ones, testing needs to happen in riskier environments.Continue reading on Horizon »

Come viaggeremo domani

La mobilità sta cambiando. Lo vediamo ogni giorno nelle nostre città: monopattini, bici, scooter, tutti elettrici e silenziosi.Continue reading on Medium »

LiDAR: Intel RealSense L515 LiDAR Camera

TechInsights publishes a teardown of Intel RealSense L515 LiDAR:Continue reading on Medium »

Won’t you be my neighbor? A new home in Pittsburgh’s Strip District for our growing team

We’re expanding our Pittsburgh headquarters and have taken over new office space at 1600 Smallman Street in the vibrant Strip District.Continue reading on Aurora Blog »

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