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What is SendGrid? SMTP Email Newsletter Tutorial

You may have heard of the term SMTP before, and wondered what it is. SMTP is a common method for handling email messages. Today I am going to explain what SMTP is, and how to use an SMTP provider such as SendGrid to send emails from your address. What Is

React for Beginners: Complete React Cheatsheet for 2021

Welcome to the React for Beginners guide. It's designed to teach you all the core React concepts that you need to know to start building React applications in 2021. I created this resource to give you the most complete and beginner-friendly path to learn React from the ground up. By

Web Development for Beginners – Learn Basic HTML and CSS to Build Your First Web Page

Have you ever wondered how websites are built and designed? Do you want to learn the art of web development but you're not that tech savvy – yet? Well, then this tutorial is for you. It's an introduction to Web Development for beginners so you can learn the basics even if

How to Create an Email Newsletter [2021 Tutorial] – Design, Layout, Send

If you manage a large community, chances are you need a way to communicate updates to your members quickly and efficiently. An email newsletter can be a very effective way to do so. In this article, I am going to provide some tips and suggestions for maximizing the impact and

Types of Software Testing Developers Should Perform When Building Programs

Software development and testing go hand in hand. And in the era of agile software development, with quick releases of small iterations, you should do testing more and more frequently. In order to perform effective testing, you need to know about the different types of testing and when you should

React Tutorial – How to Work with Multiple Checkboxes

Handling multiple checkboxes in React is completely different from how you use regular HTML checkboxes. So in this article, we'll see how to work with multiple checkboxes in React. You will learn: How to use a checkbox as a Controlled Input in ReactHow to use the array map and reduce

From Lawyer to Engineer at Google – How to Switch Careers and Learn New Skills

I was a corporate lawyer for 12 years. I finished law school in Bangalore, India, a year before Google listed on the Nasdaq. That was a long time ago. The world was very different. I think facebook was still “thefacebook”. I started my career as a litigator in the courts

How to Build and Deploy a Portfolio with Vue.js Axios, the GitHub REST API, and Netlify

In this free book, we will build two simple projects and deploy them on Netlify. We will use Vue.js as our front-end framework, and use different technologies to build our projects. If you follow this tutorial to the end, you will build a simplified version of Twitter and a

Use the Kivy Python Library to Create Games and Mobile Apps

Kivy is a free and open source Python framework for developing mobile apps and games with a natural user interface. We just released a 5-hour Kivy course on the YouTube channel. In this Kivy course, you will learn to create games and applications with Python for every platform

How to Use Selenium and Python to Scrape Websites More Effectively

When you're scraping data from the web with Python, Selenium will often come up as an helpful tool to use. It was originally designed for automated testing, but its scraping capabilities are impressive, too. This is because Selenium can do things that other libraries or frameworks often can't when collecting

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