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Chrome Bookmarks Location Guide – How To Delete or Recover a Bookmark

Being able to save a web page you visit often is very useful. Perhaps you check the Google Analytics of your blog posts every day, or visit a recipe app for cooking inspiration. Whatever the reason, bookmarks in Chrome can save you time and hassle. Just bookmark the page, and

Page Numbers in Word Tutorial – How to Insert a Page Number in Microsoft Word

If you're writing a book or a paper for school, you'll likely want to include page numbers. They'll help readers keep track of how far along they are, and allow them to reference specific spots in the text. And if you're writing in Microsoft Word, there's an easy way to

How to Read a Research Paper – A Guide to Setting Research Goals, Finding Papers to Read, and More

If you work in a scientific field, you should try to build a deep and unbiased understanding of that field. This not only educates you in the best possible way but also helps you envision the opportunities in your space. A research paper is often the culmination of a wide

AWS Training – Learn the Basics of Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is one of the most popular cloud computing platforms in the world. If you are a developer, there is a good chance you will use AWS at some point. We just published a full-length course on the YouTube channel that will teach you AWS basics

How I Built a Web Scraper with Beautiful Soup and Used it to Land My First Job

Landing any job, let alone a first job, can be a difficult process. Employers often tell you that you don't have enough experience for them to hire you. But that means you also won't get an opportunity to gain that experience (like a job).   Landing a job in tech can

We Sent 304,654 Coding Tests to Developers from 156 Countries – Here’s What We Learned

At DevSkiller, we are known for our detailed industry reports that assist IT recruitment professionals with their hiring decisions. And this past year has been the most diverse and data-heavy set of information ever compiled by our team. Despite the circumstances that 2020 brought us, the show must go on.

Postman API Tutorial – How to Use Postman to Test an API [Full Course]

Anyone who creates APIs should also be testing APIs. One of the most popular ways to test APIs is to use Postman. Postman has over 10 million users worldwide. We just published a Postman crash course on the YouTube channel that will teach you everything you need to

How to Add Numbers in Excel with the Excel Sum Formula

The SUM() formula in Excel is used to add together the content of two or more cells. It takes the cell names and gives back the result of the sum. Let's apply the SUM formula so we can see it in action. Say that you're organizing a party, and different

How to Build a Solid To-Do App with React

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a basic Solid to-do app. But what is Solid – not to be confused with SOLID? Well, it's a set of conventions and tools used to build decentralized apps. So what do I mean by decentralized? Currently, all our data is centralized

Biggest Data Breaches of 2020 – and What Developers Should Learn From Them

Here's a rundown of the biggest data breaches and hacks of 2020 and what programmers can – and should – learn from them

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