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Learn Node + MongoDB by Creating a URL Shortener Project

If you want to learn about something, what better way than by building a project around the thing you want to learn? In this blog post, we'll learn about MongoDB, Mongoose, Node, and other tech by building a simple URL shortener application. URL shorteners are everywhere, from links you share

WiFi Hacking 101 – How to Secure Your Wifi Networks With Aircrack-NG

Aircrack comprises of a suite of tools that help you attack as well as defend wireless networks. Let's look at what Aircrack has to offer.

How to Manipulate Data with Django Migrations

In this article, we'll learn how to update Django models and manipulate existing data using migrations. Successful applications that are growing are a lovely problem to have. As a product develops, it tends to accumulate complication the way your weekend cake project accumulates layers of frosting. Thankfully, Django, my favorite

How to Build a Jamstack Site with Next.js and Vercel - Jamstack Handbook

The Jamstack architecture is a modern approach to an old idea of making fast, static websites, but making them dynamic with tools like JavaScript. How can we leverage web framework Next.js and hosting platform Vercel to build and deploy performant and reliable web apps?

Learn How Computer Networks Work with a Free 9-Hour Course

Almost every business has some sort of computer network. There are many IT jobs that require some knowledge about how computer networks work. We have released a free 9-hour course that will prepare you to configure, manage, and troubleshoot both wired and wireless computer networks. The course was created by

What Is a PDF File and How Do You Open It? [Solved]

You've probably encountered a PDF somewhere on the internet. Perhaps you were downloading a form to print and fill out, or you were filing your taxes. So what is this ubiquitous file format, when is it useful, and how do you open a PDF someone sends you? We'll answer all

How to Build and Validate Beautiful Forms with Vanilla HTML, CSS, & JS

Forms are hard.   Knowing how to properly collect and validate user data is one of the most important skills a frontend developer needs to have. But it's hard because edge cases abound. You have to consider all of the ways a user could break your pretty little form while simultaneously

Hello World Programming Tutorial for Python

👋 Hello, World!Hi! if you are reading this article, then you are probably starting to dive into the amazing world of programming and computer science. That's great. In this article, you will learn: How to write your first "Hello, World!" program in Python.How to save your code in a

Terraform Workflow: How to Work Individually and in a Team

A workflow, or a pattern of the work, gives you a standardized way to do something. It is extremely helpful in a team, and can benefit you even if you work individually. A good workflow enables you to streamline a process, organize it, and make it less error-prone. This article

Do While Loops in C++ with Example Loop Syntax

Loops are control flow statements that allow code to be executed repeatedly based on a given condition. The do while loop is a variant of the while loop that executes the code block once before checking the condition. Then it will repeat the loop as long as the condition is

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