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How to Use Environment Variables the Right Way

Environment variables, if wielded carelessly, can have harmful effects on our codebases and applications.

How to Quickly Track PDF Access on a Linux Web Server

Is it possible to track how many times your website's users click to download binary files like PDFs or JPGs? Yes it is possible. Is it easy? I didn't originally think so. I was wrong. The story began while I was optimizing a landing page on my Bootstrap IT website

Why Soft Skills Are Key to Success in Tech – And How to Develop Them

Often in technology, we assume that everyone else is as excited about our product as we are. This tends to be a problem across the board in the tech sector (and even amongst teams, like security and developers, or operations and developers). There's a reason that DevOps and DevSecOps were

The Top 100 Free University Courses of the Year (Ranked by Popularity)

An eternity ago in the year of 2012, a few Stanford professors decided to make their courses freely available online. The media christened these courses "MOOCs" – Massive Open Online Courses. And they hailed 2012 as "Year of the MOOC." Well, 2012 aside, 2020 may well be the most consequential year

Software Engineers Are Made Not Born – How to Become a Great Developer

As technology increasingly permeates our everyday lives, jobs in the tech industry are growing ever more popular. Many companies and industries are searching for qualified developers to help them stay competitive. Many people believe that to become a Software Engineer you have to be super smart or you just have

Learn How to Build and Publish an Android App From a Facebook Engineer

There are a ton of programming courses about how to code games and apps. However, many of them don't show the full process of coding a program all the way through putting it on the app store for people to download. We've released a full course on the

How to Build a Native Communication Bridge in Flutter with WebView and JavaScript

As a follow up to my article explaining how to create communication bridges in Android and iOS, I thought it might be a good idea to do the same for Flutter. While it may seem like this is a straightforward affair, you’ll soon realize it takes a bit of

How to Fetch GraphQL Data in Next.js with Apollo GraphQL

Next.js has been steadily growing as a must-have tool for developers creating React apps. Part of what makes it great is its data fetching APIs to request data for each page. But how can we use that API to make GraphQL queries for our app?

Introducing 24 Days of JavaScriptmas 🎅🏻

A free advent calendar to help you master JavaScript by Christmas Eve.

How to Master JavaScript Promises and Async/Await in 20 Minutes

On the web, many things tend to be time-consuming – if you query an API, it can take a while to receive a response. Therefore, asynchronous programming is an essential skill for developers. When working with asynchronous operations in JavaScript, we often hear the term Promise. But it can be tricky

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