Masters of Scale is a new podcast in which LinkedIn Co-Founder and Greylock Partner Reid Hoffman shows how famous founders take companies from zero to a gazillion. With original music and hilariously honest stories, the show sounds like nothing you’v
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How optimism fuels the economy, w/US Chamber of Commerce CEO Suzanne Clark

Is the state of the U.S. economy good or bad right now? Stock markets have soared, but consumers remain wary. Are CEOs and investors deluding themselves? Or do Main Street Americans expect too much? Suzanne Clark, CEO of the US Chamber of Commerce, has uncommon insight into this perplexing dichotomy. She talks with Rapid Response host Bob Safian about...

Thu Apr 11, 2024 12:09
144. The healthy, conscious capitalist, w/Whole Foods Market co-founder John Mackey

John Mackey, co-founder and former CEO of Whole Foods Market, started in the grocery business as a Texas undergraduate seeking the keys to a happy life. The self-described “hippie” opened one natural foods store in Austin and scaled beyond imagination from there. In his 44 years as CEO, Whole Foods grew to more than 500 locations and to a $13.7 billion...

Tue Apr 9, 2024 12:10
2024 is the most significant time in human history, w/PBS host & futurist Ari Wallach

We are biologically wired to focus on the near-term, and that’s often a good thing. But in this moment — with global conflict, fast-evolving tech, and climate change dominating our present — we need to also prioritize long-term impacts. Futurist Ari Wallach joins Rapid Response host Bob Safian to dive into our biological and business motivations around...

Thu Apr 4, 2024 12:06
Be an evangelist for authenticity, with tech veteran Guy Kawasaki

With his trademark wit and wisdom, Guy Kawasaki shares lessons from his trailblazing journeys in tech and investing. He was “software evangelist” at Apple when the company launched its revolutionary Macintosh line. He went on to lead his own wide-ranging ventures, and today has reprised his role as “evangelist” at the graphic design platform Canva....

Tue Apr 2, 2024 12:03
Bracing for a possible TikTok ban, w/ fitness entrepreneur Cassey Ho

If the U.S. government bans TikTok, a generation of content creators and brands who have built businesses on the platform will be radically disrupted. With 17 million social followers — 3.5 million of which on TikTok — fitness and lifestyle entrepreneur Cassey Ho is in the heart of that storm. Founder of athleisure brands Blogilates and POPFLEX, she...

Thu Mar 28, 2024 11:00
How to score $200M: Angel City’s playbook for women’s soccer

The high-flying Angel City Football Club is rising to a historic valuation in professional women’s soccer, nearing $200 million. When the Los Angeles team started four years ago, franchises in its league went for as little as $2 million. Co-founders Kara Nortman and Julie Uhrman reveal the game-changing strategies behind this seismic shift, created...

Tue Mar 26, 2024 11:08

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