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Every story is a tech story. We live in a world where algorithms drive our interests, scientists are re-engineering our food supply, and a robot may be your next boss. Host Arielle Duhaime-Ross explores why–and how–tech is changing everything. Subscr

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Land of the Giants – “Facebook Gets a Face Lift”

We are sharing the first episode of Land of the Giants: The Facebook/ Meta Disruption. Long before Mark Zuckerberg renamed Facebook Meta and made an unprecedented pivot into the metaverse, he invented a feature that turned Facebook into a social network behemoth. The News Feed, which put your friends’ status updates onto your homepage, changed how we...

There’s a climate solution hiding in our walls

Buildings waste a lot of energy. One low-tech solution could fix that. Neel Dhanesha, Science and Recode fellow for, explains. Read Neel’s reporting here:’s episode was produced by Taylor Maycan. The mix is by Melissa Pons from Hemlock Creek Productions. Adam Clark...

The hydrogen car revival

The concept of the hydrogen-powered car has been around for decades, but still has yet to really take off. Vox’s Umair Irfan (@umairirfan) tells us about the past, the future, and the pitfalls of hydro-electric vehicles.  Read Umair’s story:’s episode was produced...

How to resurrect a coral reef

Step one: Break coral. Step two: Hack coral sex. Benji Jones, an environment reporter for Vox, explains. Read Benji's reporting: episode was produced and engineered by Sofi LaLonde, and hosted by Adam Clark Estes. Support Recode Daily by making a financial contribution to...

Making cryptocurrency climate-friendly

Mining for bitcoin uses a lot of energy. Is there a chance that the crypto industry can become more eco-friendly? Vox’s Neel Dhanesha (@neel_dhan) is with us to discuss.Read Neel’s story:’s episode was produced and engineered by Jon Ehrens and hosted by Adam Clark Estes.Support...

Can we stay cool without heating up the planet?

How do we stay cool on a warming planet? Air conditioning is one way, but depending on what kind of AC unit you have, it could be actually polluting the air and making the problem worse. Umair Irfan, climate reporter at Vox, has been looking into this (extremely frustrating) air conditioning paradox. Read Umair’s article: Today’s...

Sold: Apollo 11 moon dust

A tiny sample of dust collected by Neil Armstrong during his historic moon landing was auctioned off in April. Thanks to an unusual series of events, it was the first time moon dust verified by NASA was sold legally. Rebecca Heilweil, Recode reporter, explains. Read Rebecca’s story:

Why am I still getting robocalls???

They made a Covid-19 vaccine in less than a year, but we're still getting spammed by robocalls. What gives? Recode’s Sara Morrison explains.Read Sara’s story: episode was first published Feb. 23, 2022. It was produced by Jon Ehrens. The mix is by Melissa...

What if the future of work is exactly the same?

For many, the work revolution that’s supposedly going on across the country right now doesn’t feel very revolutionary. This episode originally aired April 29, 2022. It was produced by Taylor Maycan, mixed by Melissa Pons (Hemlock Creek Productions), and hosted by Rani Molla. Read Emily and Rani's reporting:

The space station race

After decades in orbit, the International Space Station goes offline in 2030 and will retire by burning up in the atmosphere. A crop of new space stations are ready to take its place. Recode's Rebecca Heilweil explains.Read Rebecca's story:’s episode was produced by Taylor Maycan,...

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