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How to bounce back as a maker with Josh Howarth

On this episode Abadesi talks to Josh Howarth, co-founder of Exploding Topics.In this episode they talk about...His early days as a maker and what he would change if he could do things over again“It’s not the case that you build it and they will come. It took me two months to build and then I was like, now what? I hadn’t thought at all about marketing...

Wed Apr 22, 2020 07:02
Making good typography more accessible and common design pitfalls to avoid with Matthew Paul

On this episode Abadesi talks to Matthew Paul, software product designer, researcher, and front-end engineer. He’s a former product designer at InVision, he’s worked on software and design systems at IBM, and has designed prototypes at Apple.In this episode they talk about...The open-source design project he’s working on, and how to make good design...

Wed Apr 15, 2020 07:07
The future of remote work and digital nomadism with Pieter Levels

On this episode Abadesi talks to Pieter Levels, founder of Nomad List, a global community of international travellers working around the world, RemoteOK, a job board for remote jobs, and Hoodmaps, a unique neighborhood map app.In this episode they talk about...Bootstrapping versus VC, and why he doesn’t want to build a team around his products“I don’t...

Wed Apr 8, 2020 07:02
How to get acquired with Waseem Daher of Pilot

On this episode Abadesi talks to Waseem Daher, founder and CEO of Pilot. Pilot is bringing bookkeeping into the modern age. He has started (and sold!) two other companies prior to Pilot.In this episode they talk about...The story of starting Pilot and what Waseem learned from his two previous companies“The end-to-end solution is really what made the...

Wed Apr 1, 2020 07:16
How to design products that delight your users with Slack’s VP of design Ethan Eismann

On this episode Abadesi talks to Ethan Eismann, VP of Design at Slack. He has previously worked on flagship products at Google, Uber, and Airbnb, as well as at Adobe back when Flash was still a thing!In this episode they talk about...The consumerization of the enterprise and bringing personality to software“You need somebody who is really able to think...

Wed Mar 25, 2020 06:01
How to sell your product to enterprise customers with Michelle Bacharach

On this episode Abadesi talks to Michelle Bacharach, founder and CEO of FINDMINE, a retail technology company that uses machine learning to scale the currently manual and tedious process of product curation. They are a fast-growing company with clients like Adidas, Perry Ellis, and Callaway.In this episode they talk about...What led Michelle to found...

Wed Mar 18, 2020 06:02

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