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National Geographic Photo of the Day

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Mountain Air

During the day, the view from the top of Mount Fuji in Japan goes on forever. But at night, many climbers need a break. Here, a rest stop worker airs out futons used by climbers to catch some sleep before descending the mountain.

Chinstrap Penguins

Chinstrap penguins nest with their chicks on Thule Island. This uninhabited island is part of the chain of the South Sandwich Islands, which lie in between South America and Antarctica.

Badlands Storm

Storm clouds gather over "the Wall" in Badlands National Park, South Dakota. Three river systems eroded these claystone formations over half a million years.

Health Class

In a remote Afghan village, women attend health and hygiene classes taught by a traveling midwife, pictured here in the white hijab and glasses.

Gift Display

This image first appeared in a story about New Delhi, India, in the October 1942 issue. Pilgrims brought bowls of rice to this site as charitable gifts, and once the rice was eaten, the bowls were hung up to celebrate the gift.

Bright Smile

A Newar girl visits Swayambhunath, Nepal's oldest Buddhist stupa. The Newar people are indigenous to the Kathmandu Valley, carrying on traditional practices, religion, and language.

Bike Lines

Rows of bikes line a parking lot in downtown Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The June 1965 issue profiled civilian life in the city—then known as Saigon—during the Vietnam War, calling it the "eye of the storm."

Spiritual Leader

Caleen Sisk is the spiritual leader and tribal chief of the Winnemem-Wintu tribe near Mount Shasta, California. She is one of the last living speakers of the tribe's native language.

Picking Cranberries

A woman and her son pick cranberries for Thanksgiving dinner on uninhabited Manana Island off the coast of Maine. Cranberries are native to North America, and they've been made into sauce and served with wild game for hundreds of years.

Above the Clouds

Indian spotted deer gaze across mist-filled valleys and cloud-veiled mountains from the royal deer park above Gangtok, Sikkim, a state in northeastern India. Sikkim is also home to Kangchenjunga, the third-highest mountain in the world.

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