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How to use liquid fertilizer

Most potted and garden plants have no chance to develop without fertilization. Here, soil ecosystems are inadequate for growth. Using artificial nutrients is therefore necessary to make up for the lack of certain minerals. Effective fertilization requires knowledge, which is difficult for beginners in gardening. What is liquid fertilizer? Liquid fertilizer...

When to apply weed killer

When it appears there are more weeds on the lawn than the grass itself and you can’t remove them manually, weed killers come to the rescue. However, when deciding to use a weed killer for grass, vegetables, flowers, or any other plants, know that the application of each of these substances requires the utmost care. …Continue reading "When to apply weed...

What is Pesticide Resistance

Living organisms by definition are not homogenous. The species constantly evolve, including your vegetable and fruit plants. Therefore, it is crucial to understand what your plants are and aren’t resistant to. Pesticide resistance is the natural and transmissible capacity of certain plants to survive exposure to this pesticide product. How can it be...

What is the best liquid fertilizer for plants?

Poor growth is one of the most common problems for crops. The most natural and economical way to feed your plants, therefore, is to offer them a rich and balanced soil from which they draw their food according to their needs. The nutrients needed to promote growth are often not found in the soil. In …Continue reading "What is the best liquid fertilizer...

Saved My Rose Bush

Pam R. from North Carolina I started using the SNS 209 as a systemic on my roses at the end of last season, in the hopes I could get ahead of thrips. The difference is remarkable—my roses are more vigorous, less susceptible to disease, the leaves are darker green, and I am getting plenty of …Continue reading "Saved My Rose Bush"The post Saved My Rose...

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