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On the process, the end and new beginnings

Four years ago I packed up my car and drove to somewhere I’d never been to before, moved into a flat with strangers and started a PhD in a topic I knew little about. In four years, a lot happened. … Continue reading →

Opinion :: NERC PhD skills review

NERC (the National Environmental Research Council), a major funding body for Environmental Science PhDs (and research in general) recently announced the outcome of a skills review, publishing “Most Wanted II – Postgraduate and Professional Skills needed in the Environment Sector”. … Continue reading →

Art/sci shorts :: Gardens of Alcatraz

Alcatraz never seemed far from view when I was in San Francisco last autumn, peeking between tall buildings or dominating the skyline from the coast. We did the tourist trip out to the island (hint: a summery dress and the … Continue reading →

Darwin’s lost fossils

Last year some of Darwin’s fossils were refound in a British Geological Society cabinet. How good would that find feel? Perhaps an incentive for a quick clear out at work? After all, it is (almost) time for a good spring … Continue reading →

Publications, finally!

It can seem like a long, long, loooong slog until you see the seeds of your scientific labour bear publication fruit. First drafts, second drafts, co-author comments, third drafts, track changes, endless literature searches for that one critical reference, tenth … Continue reading →

NERC changes to PhD funding

This month NERC (the National Environmental Research Council – the funding body behind many UK environment-related PhDs, including mine) announced it’s changing the way it allocates studentships to UK universities. Currently, universities (or research institutions) are allocated a set number … Continue reading →

The end in sight :: A job application a week

There’s only a couple of months of our PhD stipend left and with this deadline fast approaching I’m watching people deal with this in lots of different ways. Some are in denial, some have realised they want to take a … Continue reading →

The Christmas book list

Hopefully you’re all far more organised than me when it comes to Christmas shopping. Gone are the years when I used to start in September and have a carefully curated box of gifts come the Christmas rush! This year a … Continue reading →

Science bites :: BAS/NOC merger, Open Access, lady pens & cake (of course)

For those not in the know BAS (the British Antarctic Survey) and NOC (the National Oceanography Centre) are both research institutes of NERC (the National Environmental Research Council). A merger has been proposed as a cost-saving measure in response to … Continue reading →

Understanding nature via a mobile phone

Two weeks ago I got the chance to test a new smartphone app designed to increase your understanding of the services natural ecosystems can provide and why we need to protect certain areas.  The app was created by Sarah Taigel, … Continue reading →

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