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zk, zkVM, zkEVM and their Future

TL; DR Zero-knowledge proof, which can guarantee computational integrity, correctness and privacy, has a lot of use cases in blockchain scaling and privacy. zk-SNARK and zk-STARK have their own advantages, and the combination of these two has more potential. zkVM empowers applications with zero-knowledge proofs, and zkVM can be categorized by instruction...

Crypto’s Nirvana and Rebirth

Crypto is dead. Long live crypto. AC thinks: Crypto is following the same path as monetary policy in the early years, repeating the same mistakes it made before. The dragon slayer may be slowly turning into the dragon. Wave after wave of Crypto has iterated it into something else. Crypto culture has killed the Crypto spirit. Indeed, it's as if that's...

Composability is Decomposing

Composability is Decomposing – msfew msfew@Foresight Ventures Read the full entry

Crypto Visions (1997–2022)

Crypto Visions (1997–2022) – msfew People don’t pay for technology, but they pay for the stories that carry the technology and the innovation. The key to Crypto’s boom is not the novelty of the technology. Still, the wave of thoughts behind it revolutionized tradition, overthrew the centralized order, and the movement of rethinking politics, economics,...

Redefine NFT (Music, 4th-Dimension, Privacy, Interaction)

Redefine NFT (Music, 4th-Dimension, Privacy, Interaction) – msfew NFT represents Non-Fungible Token. Read the full entry

Arbitrum Ecosystem Review

Arbitrum Ecosystem Review – msfew msfew@Foresight Ventures Read the full entry

Another Side of Web3「Privacy」

Another Side of Web3「Privacy」 – msfew msfew@Foresight Ventures Read the full entry

Foresight Ventures: Think Outside the Block「Arweave and Bitcoin Smart Contracts」

msfew@Foresight Ventures Quick Takes Storage-based Consensus Paradigm smart contracts are the optimal solution for DApps in the Web3 era, providing high performance with uncapped TPS, while ensuring data traceability and monopoly-free. The essence of smart contracts is not to avoid risk, but to allow a reasonable distribution of risk among the...

Foresight Ventures: Arweave explained: the 🐘 in the room of Web3.0

Peter Li, msfew@Foresight Ventures Arweave 1. Overview Arweave is a decentralized network focused on storing data permanently. Compared to Bitcoin’s global ledger and Ether’s global computer positioning, Arweave is similar to a global hard drive that never loses data. In a public chain of storage, Arweave has the potential to become the “Layer...

StarkWare explained: Layer 2 solution provider of dYdX and iMMUTABLE

msfew@Foresight Ventures Overview of StarkWare StarkWare mainly solves the scalability and privacy of the blockchain. StarkWare has developed a complete solution that uses STARK technology to form Volition through zk-Rollups and Validium modes to generate and verify the proof of computational integrity. StarkWare’s cryptography proof can achieve zero-knowledge,...

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