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Hyper Oracle Closes $3M Pre-Seed Round Led by dao5 and Sequoia China Seed Fund

Led by dao5 and Sequoia China Seed Fund, with participation from Foresight Ventures, FutureMoney Group, as well as ventures and angel investors who believe in the future of trustless, and decentralized blockchain networks. Investor We are thrilled to announce that Hyper Oracle recently closed a $3M pre-seed round led by dao5 and Sequoia China Seed...

zkPoS: End-to-End Trustless

Intro Our previous blog talks about zkWASM and the reason why zkWASM is the perfect basis with general computation, to support flexibility for any user-defined zkGraph of Hyper Oracle’s indexing and automation protocol. This blog covers zkPoS and how zkPoS is the most important piece of puzzle, with the ability of proving the consensus with ZK, to...

Diffs between OP and ZK System

Written on the train from Venice to Rome, 2023.01.12. 0. "Performance" The real "finality" of the two is different, similarly to the "real performance". (Of course the definition of finality is also a matter of opinion, a matter of wisdom....) OP systems (mostly) have a (human-adjustable) challenge period of about 7 days (aka. delay?) . This...

zkWASM, The Next Chapter of ZK and zkVM

0. ZK and zkVM a) The Magic of Zero Knowledge A so-called zero-knowledge protocol is a set of mathematical rules by which one party, usually called the prover, can convince another party, usually called the verifier, that given some instance, the prover knows some witness for that instance. Zero-knowledge proof technology is disrupting and redefining...

Crypto-Native Indexing Protocol and Keeper Protocol

0. Middleware Security Issues Existing Indexing protocols and Keeper networks are not completely trustless, but trusted, or seemingly trustless. Developers and users need to trust that these products are not evil in a “Trust, Not Verify” way. They are last generation infrastructures, and there may not have been a good solution at the time, so Fisherman...

The Second-Generation Optimistic Rollups

Announcing Hyper Oracle, the ultimate Web3 zkMiddleware

App-chain > On-chain App?

Crypto-Native Oracle TWAP

All about Polygon zkEVM and zkEVM Rollup

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