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Good Product People

Recently Shreyas Doshi published a reminder that the vast majority of the best product people are not likely to be spending their time on social media.  His point is that the best product people are busy practicing the craft of product, and not trying to attract followers. His thoughts resonated deeply with me, and got... The post Good Product People...

Tue May 21, 2024 17:06
Book Discussion Guide

Overview Since the first edition of INSPIRED was released in 2008, there have been occasional groups and book clubs that have reached out asking for some suggested discussion topics.  These requests have gradually increased, but with the release of TRANSFORMED, we have received more than ever before.   For an author, this is wonderful, as the... The...

Tue May 14, 2024 17:18
Good Product Coach / Bad Product Coach 

With the release of TRANSFORMED, the good news is that we are hearing from more companies than ever before that believe they need to begin the journey to the product operating model.   The challenge is that many of these companies need help, and are asking us for introductions to product coaches that can help them... The post Good Product Coach /...

Tue Apr 30, 2024 18:39
AI Product Management

By Marty Cagan and Marily Nika Recently I have co-authored a few articles allowing me to highlight different product coaches, and in this article, I’d like to highlight Marily Nika.  Marily specializes in helping product teams create AI-powered products and services.  She has a PhD in machine learning, and has had an impressive career building... The...

Tue Apr 16, 2024 18:53
The Product Model at Amazon 

By Marty Cagan and Richard Russell Marty’s Note:  Recently I co-authored an article on The Product Model at Spotify with one of Spotify’s early product coaches.  This proved to be one of our most popular articles, and many people shared that it answered many questions they had about how that company really worked; what was... The post The Product...

Tue Mar 26, 2024 15:55
Transformation Theater

By Lea Hickman and Marty Cagan Recently we’ve been writing about two very common and very problematic forms of theater: product management theater, and product leadership theater. We’ve been intentionally trying to shine a bright light on these behaviors, as we see them at the source of so many weak product organizations, causing a great... The post...

Tue Feb 27, 2024 17:26

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