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Is Our Obsession with Productivity Just Trauma, Masquerading as Normalcy?

Lessons from “the slow life.”Continue reading on The Ascent »

This Is How You Build Mental Muscle and Progress to the Next Stage of Life

#1 — Chase experiences that involve enormous rejection with a smile.Continue reading on The Ascent »

9 Tips For Having Constructive Conversations When You Disagree

Calling in allies instead of calling out enemiesContinue reading on The Ascent »

The Most Important Advice from Your Child Self

Play, so that you live lightly in a serious world.Continue reading on The Ascent »

Why Keeping the Human Connection Alive Is a Service to Yourself

Stop being a capitalist in relationships.Photo by Toa Heftiba on UnsplashWe live in a capitalistic economy where the center point of our economic actions is to earn money and make a profit. That is alright, but we have taken our capitalistic way of being to relationships too. That’s where the issue is, in my opinion.Our relationships with others have...

When Everything Else Fails, Keto Diet Prevails

How I lost 90 pounds on keto, and why 10 years of traditional dieting have failed meContinue reading on The Ascent »

How to Be Somebody Who “Just Gets It”

They always pay for coffee.Continue reading on The Ascent »

How to Simplify Your Search for a Happy Life

Life’s long quest shouldn’t have to be complicated.Continue reading on The Ascent »

Change Your Life, One Small Step a Day

Build your dream using the power of incremental progress.Continue reading on The Ascent »

How To Date Without Wasting Time

Tips to stop wasting your time with the wrong personContinue reading on The Ascent »

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