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What I Learned From Meditating Before Writing

And how doing so earned me four figures in one article.Continue reading on The Ascent »

Right Before His Death, a 103-Year-Old Man Oddly Said: ‘Go Take a Risk’

Here’s what he meant. It will help you stop wasting your life.Continue reading on The Ascent »

It’s Time to Ditch the Belief: “I Am Busy, So I Am Worthy.”

We are human beings, not human doings.Continue reading on The Ascent »

How I Overcame Emotional Blackmail Without Losing My Mind

Realizing that I was being manipulated was half my battle.Photo by DANNY G on UnsplashIt’s been eight months since I got married to the love of my life. After waiting for four years, we couldn’t spend any more time apart. So, despite the raging COVID situation and lockdown restrictions, we decided to tie the knot and take the leap.Our wedding had its...

Why We Need Fake Friends

And what we can learn from them.Continue reading on The Ascent »

The Naval Academy, a Navy Rear-Admiral, and the Most Important Lesson for Any Leader

3 Tips for Doing the Right Thing When Faced with Difficult DecisionsContinue reading on The Ascent »

7 Signs You’re Experiencing an Inner Transformation

All transformations are different and the range of signs can be immense.Continue reading on The Ascent »

5 Superpowers That Helped Me Overcome Anxiety & Start A New Life

We need skills for just about everything in life.Continue reading on The Ascent »

17 Subtle Qualities of a Good Leader

With great power comes great responsibility.Continue reading on The Ascent »

4 Lifestyle Adjustments to Help Give You a Greater Sense of Freedom

Freeing yourself from desires will give you freedom and happiness.Continue reading on The Ascent »

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