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Come To My House!

I am beyond thrilled to be partnering with my favorite in-town bookstore: Thornwell Books for a book signing event on Thursday, April 25th from 6-7pm. I can (and do) walk to the bookshop from my house and the atmosphere is just charming. I can’t wait to meet you there! You’re invited to the book signing at Thornwell Books, no...

Tue Apr 2, 2024 00:54
House Hushing & Why You Need It

Like you, every day, I’m slowly adding more stuff into my home.  There’s the functional pieces from the sofa to the coasters, the cozifiers (thanks to Deborah Needleman for that perfect word) like the extra throw pillows and snuggly blankets, the stuff of daily life; shoes, mail, mugs and dog beds.  Over time, every room in our...

Sat Dec 30, 2023 21:54
Gift Guide 2023

Welcome to the 2023 Amazon Gift Guide! A few years ago I started only linking to Amazon for my gift guides. I trust you shop at your local small businesses, second hand and other stores, but for gift guide making purposes, I’m a Lazy Genius and it’s easier for me to make a guide from one shop. Every graphic on this guide is clickable...

Wed Nov 15, 2023 21:34
Updating a 100 Year-Old Bathroom Copy

We have one bathroom on the first level of our home and it’s an en suite to my office which is technically a bedroom.  The original layout worked great, we only have one guest ever stay in my office since we have four bedrooms and three baths upstairs, the tub is rarely used. I loved the shutters, clawfoot tub, texture added with...

Sun Oct 29, 2023 12:40
Favorite Lamps

Happy Lamp Season to all who celebrate! With shorter days come darker rooms and dark rooms deserve gorgeous lighting that makes you look beautiful, your rooms feel cozy and inviting and look great! Lamps are one of the most functional pieces of decor. Episode three of the House Rules Podcast is all about the power of lamps and what you...

Wed Sep 27, 2023 13:17
Realistic Fake Greens

Happy branch cutting season to you and yours! It’s officially spring which means it should be getting easier to find some branches in your yard to cut and bring inside. But what if you don’t have a yard, or you don’t want to cut four big branches off your magnolia trees every ten days for the rest of your life? Although...

Wed Mar 22, 2023 18:22

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