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Thoughts and things interesting enough to hit publish.

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A rare friend

I wrote this poem for a friend and gave it in a little card. I’m publishing it here with permission.To care not because you have to,but because you want to.To converse not to reply,but to listen.To mediate not to tighten your connections,but foster existing ones.To not use leverage to be blatant,but bother being subtly considerate.To not drown in your...

I miss engaging kids on space

Now that things are opening up again, I hope to restart talking about space exploration with young minds at physical events.

The Planetary Society has put up truly comprehensive and excellent resources to understand NASA's DART mission to smash an asteroid, and planetary defense in general

Fully vaccinated against COVID-19

At long last the time for my second vaccine shot came. Having had COVID earlier this year delayed my doses but now it’s all done. Can’t wait to keep going nowhere.

A spider sneaking out of a Dahlia flower

Spotted this little one while snapping flowers at IIT Kanpur.A spider sneaking out of a Dahlia flower.Zoomed version to better see the little spidy.

Flowers at IIT Kanpur

I visited IIT Kanpur sometime in 2019 and the one thing that stood out to me was the variety of flowers in their rather large campus. Here are some of them, which I’ve tried identifying using Bing’s reverse image search.A nice and large Dahlia plant.GazaniaCleretumPetuniaAnother PetuniaPrimroseSpotted a spider sneaking out of a Dahlia flower.Zoomed...

The Moon will always be there

We’re losing the precious starry night sky to pollution. Most people barely look up anymore. Both of these things make me really sad. Imagine entire generations living their lives with a starless sky. Why are we robbing them of wonder, aspiration and our future?But lately I’ve realized that “Oh wait! The Moon will always be there in the sky, visible...

Budding hope

Have hope while you’re stranded, bud against the gloom. Just like these flowers.PrimroseMarguerite daisy“Sleepy plant” Mimosa pudicaDaphnes

How I organize notes for writing an article

Here's a sneak peek at how I gather and structure notes for writing each of my space exploration articles.The tool you see in action is the wonderful Workflowy, which allows you to structure thoughts to multiple levels of depth, and get in and out of each thought stream near instantly, much like your brain would. Also like your brain, it lets you move...

ISRO Mars landing studies

ISRO has begun working on Mars landing technologies. 🚀This is great but ISRO should provide some (any?) info on Mangalyaan 2 first.The graphics in the slide above are from a previous NASA presentation on the topic.Source: Recent talk by a veteran ISRO scientist. Talk slides are provided by reddit user u/Ohsin on r/ISRO.

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