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The DeanBeat: The Final Hours of Half-Life: Alyx gives us a much-needed peek inside Valve

Geoff Keighley followed the creation of Half-Life: Alyx over four years and he published a peek inside Valve as a Steam app on Thursday.Read More

AmazeVR debuts COVID-era concert platform for VR or in-person viewing

If you've been missing live concerts since the COVID-19 pandemic began, AmazeVR has a 3D experience that you can enjoy in small groups or at home.Read More

Magic Leap names ex-Microsoft EVP Peggy Johnson as CEO

The struggling AR platform maker has named a new CEO, effective August 1, who may be able to reverse Magic Leap's currently sinking fortunes.Read More

A survey about VR sickness and gender

Why do women experience more motion sickness in VR than men? After running a survey, we try to figure out why this disparity exists.Read More

Microsoft’s partnership with Facebook Gaming could mean future VR support for Xbox

Microsoft is killing Mixer and shifting the program to Facebook Gaming, the Xbox company should reevaluate its earlier plans for VR.Read More

Oculus Quest adds beta test for voice commands in U.S. English

Oculus Quest’s latest system software makes voice commands available as a beta feature to United States-based English speakers.Read More

The DeanBeat: How the rest of 2020 looks for the game industry

The second half of 2020 will bring us lots of big games, online game events, and the launch of two major video game consoles.Read More

Facebook advances VR rendering quality with neural 4×4 supersampling

A research team has come up with a way to teach computers how to transform low-res 3D renders into high-resolution versions suitable for live VR viewing.Read More

Google acquires holographic glasses startup North

Alphabet has confirmed that it's acquiring North, a Canadian augmented reality (AR) wearables company backed by Amazon and Intel. Read More

How high refresh and frame rates will change phone screens and cameras

Higher refresh rates and frame rates are coming to smartphones throughout 2020, so we demystify what those terms mean and how they'll change phones forever.Read More

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