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How NFTs in the metaverse can improve the value of physical assets in the real world

As the capabilities of NFTs grow in the metaverse, they are becoming a new information dimension that is tied to the real world.Read More

Rec Room hits 75M lifetime users and $1M in creator payouts for Q1

The social virtual world Rec Room has amassed 75 million lifetime users since 2016, and it paid out more than $1 million for creators in Q1.Read More

In a world where AR/VR is widely adopted by the population, what will advertising look like?

Major tech advancements in VR, AR and the metaverse could open the path for new advertising opportunities and ways to measure performance.Read More

Mark Zuckerberg unveils ultra-realistic VR display prototypes

Mark Zuckerberg revealed some of the progress the company is making in the realm of high-end displays for virtual reality experiences.Read More

The future of the creator economy in a Web3 world

The creator economy is shifting definitions of work, but it, too, will undergo transformation with the rise of Web3.Read More

Can humanity be recreated in the metaverse?

The metaverse will soon develop hyperreal virtual environments populated with avatars that look and sound exactly like us.Read More

Nreal is bringing Steam to AR, and hosting a hackathon

Nreal is bringing a Steam beta to its AR glasses, and running an AR focused hackathon titled the AR Jam, at the end of June.Read More

Kaleidoco raises $7.1M to blend Web3 and AR entertainment

Kaleidoco, an augmented reality and Web3 company, has raised a new round of $7.1 million in funding from the blockchain gaming community.Read More

Blippar facilitates AR content creation through its integration with Microsoft Teams

Blippar announces its no-code AR creation tool, Blippbuilder, now integrates with the Microsoft Teams collaboration and communication app.Read More

Strategies for the ecommerce metaverse journey

The metaverse could be transformative for e-commerce and many of the foundational components of the metaverse stack are available today.Read More

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