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Rec Room unveils multiplayer cross-platform game Rec Rally

Rec Room unveiled a new cross-platform multiplayer game called Rec Rally, where six players can race off-road vehicles.Read More

Nintendo Direct, Christ Pratt, and goodbye, Jason! | GB Decides 215

On GB Decides 215, the crew says goodbye to their managing editor, Jason Wilson. But before that, they have things to say about Nintendo.Read More

Dreamscape debuts Men In Black: First Assignment VR experience at flagship location

Dreamscape Immersive is debuting its Men In Black: First Assignment virtual reality experience at flagship VR entertainment venue.Read More

89% of tech execs see synthetic data as a key to staying ahead

Technology leaders agree that synthetic data will be an essential enabling technology and key to staying ahead.Read More

Rec Room’s Nick Fajt interview — Building a cross-platform metaverse

Born from virtual reality, Rec Room has expanded its platforms and raised $100M. Now it's among the contenders to build the metaverse.Read More

How ILMxLab brought the Galaxy’s Edge to virtual reality

Lucasfilm's ILMxLab talks about the design of Star Wars: Tales From the Galaxy's Edge -- Last Call VR game.Read More

Odeon Theatrical will build the Broadway of the future with AR

Odeon Theatrical wants to built the future of the theater with augmented reality visuals and expertise from three companies.Read More

Rooom raises $7M for multifaceted 3D virtual events platform

Rooom has raised $7 million to take 3D virtual events a step closer to the metaverse -- or at least make them more entertaining than Zoom.Read More

Facebook’s vision of the metaverse has a critical flaw

A viable metaverse has to be open, not closed. And that's something Facebook will never get its head around.Read More

NBA Flex interview: Merging board games with AR hoops

Sequoia Games mixes strategy games with AR in NBA Flex, which uses cardboard tokens with striking art with your smartphone to make it work.Read More

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