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The DeanBeat: Microsoft’s Phil Spencer joins our most diverse GamesBeat Summit event

Join GamesBeat Summit 2021 this April 28-29. Register for a free or VIP pass today. Black Lives Matter. Border trouble. Anti-Asian hate. Trans athlete sports bans. Sexual harassment. Suicides and the pandemic. These racial, cultural, and social issues are making headlines, and they have spilled into the game industry. It is an important time to tak…Read...

U.S. blacklists 7 more Chinese supercomputing entities

The U.S. Commerce Department blacklisted seven Chinese supercomputing entities for assisting Chinese military efforts.Read More

Catch NVIDIA GTC 21 live right here

Don't miss the lateset breakthroughs in AI, autonomous vehicles, accelerated computing, health care, game development, and more here on VB.Read More

MLB The Show heads to Game Pass, and Mario has passed away | GB Decides 190

MLB The Show 21 is launching on Game Pass, which is especially wild because PlayStation develops that game.Read More

Global chip shortage affects more than cars

The global chip shortage will impact more than the automotive industry as businesses and consumers grapple with an unprecedented shortage.Read More

The metaverse needs responsible stewardship

The metaverse will thrive ... as long as platforms, publishers, players, and developers don't prey on one another.Read More

Verizon taps Dreamscape Immersive for VR content for 5G

Verizon Communications has tapped Dreamscape Immersive to make virtual reality experiences in rich environments for 5G networksRead More

World-leading AI research and inclusion at the forefront of this year’s NVIDIA GTC

Register free for over 1,500 sessions covering breakthroughs in AI, accelerated computing, autonomous vehicles, health care, gaming and more.Read More

Productiv, which develops software that helps enterprises manage SaaS apps, raises $45M

Productiv, a startup developing a platform to manage software-as-a-service apps, has raised $45 million in funding.Read More

Niantic makes AR demo game Codename: Urban Legends for 5G networks

Niantic has launched an augmented reality (AR) demo game called Codename: Urban Legends for 5G wireless networks.Read More

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