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Apple and Facebook spin antitrust claims: ‘We’re misunderstood’

ANALYSIS: In late July, a Congressional subcommittee successfully compelled four major tech company CEOs to formally answer questions over allegedly monopolistic business practices — a public spectacle marred only by COVID-19-related isolation of the attendees. Amazon, Facebook, and Google faced some of the heaviest questioning, but Apple cer…Read More

XRHealth debuts at-home VR therapy app for ADHD

ADHD sufferers will soon have a new tool to develop concentration skills, thanks to a VR app that can help users focus while completing tasks.Read More

“No pixel left behind”: The new era of high-fidelity graphics and visualization has begun

Advances in ray tracing, open programming and new platforms that combine processing units, interconnect, memory, and software are speeding production of high-fidelity graphics.Read More

Oculus Quest 2 getting Infinite Office with Logitech keyboard and adjustable passthrough

While presented as a new experience, what we see in the Infinite Office trailer is actually an evolution of the current Quest interface.Read More

John Carmack says he’s ‘kind of embarrassed’ over Facebook’s social VR during pandemic

Facebook Reality Labs' John Carmack says he’s “kind of embarrassed” about Facebook’s social VR on Oculus headsets during the COVID-19 pandemic.Read More

GamesBeat Decides 164: The PlayStation 5 Showcase and preorder mess

On this week's GamesBeat Decides, the crew takes on the PlayStation 5 Showcase, the preorder mess, and the Nintendo Direct Mini.Read More

Will Facebook Horizon be the first step toward the metaverse?

The excitement around a metaverse is growing, as it's not just a thing of science fiction anymore. And Facebook Horizon might be a first step.Read More

Can Oculus Quest 2 overcome Facebook’s tarnished reputation?

Facebook's reputation is in free fall thanks to its business practices, which could sink the new Oculus VR headset -- or change the company for good.Read More

Ubisoft announces Splinter Cell and Assassin’s Creed for Oculus VR

Elizabeth Loverso revealed at Facebook Connect that Ubisoft is bringing two major franchises to VR: Splinter Cell and Assassin's Creed.Read More

Facebook’s whacking of Oculus Rift S is a mercy killing, not a mob hit

The social media giant's decision to kill its PC VR headset actually makes a lot of sense, and will likely be better for both PC and standalone VR users.Read More

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