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Seneca Protocol bug enables at least $3 million in stolen user funds

A bug in Seneca Protocol's smart contract has allowed attackers to steal funds from users who had approved the contract. So far, around $3 million has been stolen across the Ethereum blockchain and Arbitrum layer-2.Making things worse, although the project's smart contract inherits the Pausable module that should allow the Seneca...

Wed Feb 28, 2024 18:48
"Crypto inheritence" project Serenity Shield hacked, token price plummets 99%

Serenity Shield, a project aiming to solve "crypto inheritence", has been hacked. Although the project prominently claims to help "ensur[e] your financial and personal security", they seem to have some trouble ensuring their own.An attacker stole 6.9 SERSH tokens from a MetaMask wallet belonging to the project. Although the tokens...

Wed Feb 28, 2024 18:38
Scammers hack Twitter account of late actor Matthew Perry, solicit "donations" for "substance abuse charity"

There are evidently no lows to which crypto scammers will not sink.Some scammers were able to compromise the Twitter account belonging to the Friends star Matthew Perry, who passed away in October 2023. He had spent much of his life battling addiction, and his death was drug-related.The scammers took advantage of this to share crypto...

Tue Feb 27, 2024 18:56
tea.xyz causes a flood of spam pull requests to open source projects

This crypto skeptic I've heard of once said "Show me the incentive and I will show you the outcome."A project called tea.xyz promised people they could "get rewards for [their] open-source contributions", complete with a flashy website describing how it would "enhance the sustainability of open-source software".So far, it's achieved...

Tue Feb 27, 2024 16:49
"Fully private" Aleo blockchain accidentally sends out copies of users' identification documents

Aleo, a blockchain project that advertises it's a place for "fully private applications" with "built-in privacy" has just emailed private identification documents — including selfies and photographs of government identification cards — to the wrong users.A user posted on Twitter that they had received an email with someone else's...

Mon Feb 26, 2024 20:13
$440,000 stolen as MicroStrategy's Twitter account is hacked

MicroStrategy, the company founded and chaired by Bitcoin maximalist Michael Saylor, suffered a Twitter account compromise on February 26. Although MicroStrategy ostensibly develops software, it's better known for its massive Bitcoin holdings, driven by Saylor.Although Saylor has been publicly critical of Ethereum, that didn't seem...

Mon Feb 26, 2024 20:02

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