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Can't send Tweets? Hit the daily tweet limit? It's not just you

If you're trying to Tweet on Twitter and can't seem to get a message through, you're not the only one seeing a weird daily limit error.

Fitness app Supernatural officially joins Oculus Studios

Oculus Studios is growing by one developer today as Meta officially acquires Within after sparring with the FTC for the past several months.

Netflix officially guilt-trips us for password sharing, lays out new rules

Netflix now rolling out stricter account-sharing rules in certain countries. The service informs that users can transfer profiles and watchlists to new paid accounts.

Google Lens to gain 'search your screen' AI tool for Android phones

Google announced a slew of improvements coming to Google Lens and its multisearch tool.

Google Translate update brings more AI improvements and better accessibility

Google is strengthening its AI software through its Translate app to bring in more of the world around us.

The Google Pixel 6a is currently just $250, thanks to this epic Best Buy deal

Best Buy is currently dropping $200 off the price of the Google Pixel 6a when you activate the phone through their site.

Google kicks off Android 14 with the first developer preview build

Google has launched the first Android 14 developer preview with some under the hood changes to APIs.

Does the Garmin Bounce have a SIM card or eSIM?

The Garmin Bounce kids smartwatch can be set up for connectivity, but this requires activation and a subscription.

Google Maps Immersive view is now live, bringing new AI and AR features

Immersive View is finally live in Google Maps along with a bevy of new features for EV drivers, people who walk or use public transport, and even in-airport navigation.

The Garmin Forerunner 265 and 965 leaks will excite and frustrate fans

Garmin wants to modernize the Forerunner lineup with AMOLED displays, but not everyone will appreciate it.

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