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Not Just Vacation, but a Place to Vacation

We have a saying here at ASG, Complete flexibility, ruthless accountability. The idea is we want people to feel they have the freedom to achieve their goals the way they best see fit and with as much autonomy as possible, with the understanding that with that freedom comes the responsibility of meeting goals and expectations. The environment we’ve...

Mon Jul 26, 2021 21:59
Overcoming Price Objections by: Not Making It Your Problem

We’ve been giving away too much money in sales over the past century. Why? We’ve been trained to think the buyer’s budget matters.  For years, when a buyer says my budget is X, we assume and operate from the fact that that’s all they have to spend and that if we don’t meet their budget we’ll lose. In other words, we make the buyer’s budget problem...

Wed Jul 14, 2021 02:50
Why Salespeople Can’t Be Good If They Don’t Use the CRM

The Sales world is desperate for an upgrade. We’ve been holding on to way too many outmoded approaches, ideas, tropes, and concepts. It’s time sales let’s go of the tired and ineffective belief systems if we’re going to truly deliver the value we say we want to in the 21st-century. The biggest miss and most unsettling issue facing sales today is their...

Wed Jun 16, 2021 15:54
Can Quiet Sellers Gap Sell?

As Gap Selling has crossed the milestone of 50,000 copies sold, we are highlighting some of our favorite books to compliment your Gap Selling journey.     Our 3rd book recommendation? Quiet!!   To start…you may be wondering why the heck would I put Quiet and anything “Keenan” in the same discussion? These two words have probably never been...

Sat May 8, 2021 02:11
Average Value is No Value

  As Gap Selling has crossed the milestone of 50,000 copies sold, we are highlighting some of our favorite books to compliment your Gap Selling journey.     Today’s book highlight goes to The End of Average. Like Execution, this isn’t a sales book at all. Written by Todd Rose, a professor of developmental psychology, this book breaks down the...

Fri Apr 23, 2021 20:40
The Best Sales Book, That Isn’t a Sales Book

In celebration of over 50,000 copies of Gap Selling sold, I wanted to take a moment and highlight other books that influenced my perception or help expand on concepts within Gap Selling. Reading Gap Selling is a start to changing the way we sell, but the truth is, it is a sophisticated and inherently difficult sales approach. So with this in mind, the...

Wed Mar 31, 2021 01:14

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