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Newer PurpleFox botnet variants leverage WebSockets for coms

The PurpleFox botnet has refreshed its arsenal with new vulnerability exploits and dropped payloads, now also leveraging WebSockets for C2 bidirectional communication. [...]

Zerodium wants zero-day exploits for Windows VPN clients

In a short tweet today, exploit broker Zerodium said that it is looking to acquire zero-day exploits for vulnerabilities in three popular virtual private network (VPN) service providers on the market. [...]

Brave ditches Google for its own privacy-centric search engine

Brave Browser has replaced Google with its own no-tracking privacy-centric Brave Search as the default search engine for new users in five regions. [...]

Acer hacked twice in a week by the same threat actor

Acer has suffered a second cyberattack in just a week by the same hacking group that says other regions are vulnerable. [...]

About 26% of all malicious JavaScript threats are obfuscated

A research that analyzed over 10,000 samples of diverse malicious software written in JavaScript concluded that roughly 26% of it is obfuscated to evade detection and analysis.  [...]

Microsoft issues advisory for Surface Pro 3 TPM bypass vulnerability

Microsoft has published an advisory regarding a security feature bypass vulnerability impacting Surface Pro 3 tablets which could allow threat actors to introduce malicious devices within enterprise environments. [...]

BlackByte ransomware decryptor released to recover files for free

A free decryptor for the BlackByte ransomware has been released, allowing past victims to recover their files for free. [...]

LightBasin hacking group breaches 13 global telecoms in two years

A group of hackers that security researchers call LightBasin has been compromising mobile telecommunication systems across the world for the past five years. [...]

China's VPN market now open to foreign investment

The central government of China in Beijing has announced a decision to allow foreign entities to invest in the ownership of VPN (virtual private network) services in the country. [...]

Man gets 7 years in prison for hacking 65K health care employees

Justin Sean Johnson, also known as TheDearthStar and Dearthy Star, was sentenced this week to seven years in prison for the 2014 hack of the health care provider and insurer University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC). [...]

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