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Still missing your tax refund? You'll soon receive 5% interest — but it’s taxable

If you're still waiting for a tax refund, you may receive 5% interest starting July 1, 2022, according to the IRS. Here's what else to know.

Op-ed: The housing shortage will actually benefit homebuilder stocks. Here are some companies to watch

Rumors of the homebuilding industry's weaknesses have been greatly exaggerated. The current battered condition of these stocks is actually an opportunity.

'Tax us now': Millionaires call on the global elite to tax them more

A group of over 150 millionaires are calling on the elite attendees of this year's World Economic Forum in Davos, to tax them more.

Here's what the rich will be reading this summer: Books on leadership, Greek myths and Miyazaki

J.P. Morgan Private Bank announced its 23rd annual summer reading list, which has become the seasonal "it list" of literary status symbols.

The number of billionaires soared during the pandemic. How tax proposals aim to reduce wealth inequality

As the number of billionaires has grown since the pandemic started, calls to "tax the rich" have increased. Here's how those levies may work.

Tax breaks aren’t prime reason for high-net-worth philanthropy, study finds

Tax breaks aren't the primary incentive for philanthropy among the ultra-wealthy, according to a charitable giving study.

Four 'dream jobs' for people who love to travel

CNBC Travel spoke with people from four industries about occupations where working from home — or an office for that matter — isn't an option.

Oxfam calls for an end to billionaire 'bonanza,' say millions are falling into extreme poverty

There were 573 more billionaires in the world by March 2022 than in 2020, Oxfam said, estimating that 263 million could be pushed into extreme poverty in 2022.

Creating a special needs trust? Here are the costs, what you need to know and who to use

It's imperative that families shelter assets in special needs trusts to ensure impaired loved ones do not lose life-saving government financial support.

Want to change the world? Bill Gates says you should 'read a lot' and 'find a skill you enjoy'

During a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" session, the billionaire Microsoft co-founder was asked what advice he'd offer to a young person looking to "make a positive impact on this world."

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