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The Fair Tax Act, explained: What to know about the Republican plan for a national sales tax, decentralized IRS

A group of House Republicans is revisiting the Fair Tax Act, which would replace certain federal taxes with a national sales tax and decentralize the IRS.

Rent prices have dropped the most in these 5 U.S. metros. Why it's cheaper to rent than buy in many markets

Despite rising U.S. rental prices, competition is easing in some markets as inventory grows, according to a new report.

The outgoing CEO of a giant autos firm had a message for his successor: Don't be like me

After Akio Toyoda, CEO and president of Toyota, announced he was stepping down on Thursday, he shared his advice to his successor and his business philosophy.

Beyoncé, a $100k-a-night suite and a red carpet of influencers: Dubai basks in its booming economy

Beyoncé was performing her first live concert in more than four years at a private event for the opening of Atlantis The Royal, a $1.4 billion luxury hotel.

China looks past Covid as tourist bookings surge for the Lunar New Year

People in China are moving past the pandemic and going out to travel, preliminary data for the Lunar New Year holiday show.

Here's where mainland Chinese traveled overseas for the Lunar New Year

Travel booking site Trip.com ranked the top overseas destinations for travelers from mainland China during the first four days of the Lunar New Year holiday.

Luxury retailer LVMH sees Chinese shoppers returning, boosting 2023 sales

LVMH's cautious optimism echoes positive comments earlier this month from Burberry and Swatch.

IRS warns tax refunds may be 'somewhat lower.' With high inflation, that's a 'double whammy' for families, says advisor

If you're expecting a tax refund, it may be smaller than last year's payment, according to the IRS. Here's why.

Bill Gates says no country ‘gets an A’ for its Covid pandemic response—including the U.S.

Billionaire Microsoft co-founder and health care philanthropist Bill Gates says that no country, from the U.S. to Australia, aced its Covid pandemic response.

Oscar-nominated 'Everything Everywhere All At Once' features an IRS ordeal, but here's what really happens in an audit, according to tax pros

The Oscar-nominated film "Everything Everywhere All at Once" includes a tax audit at an IRS office. But experts say actual IRS exams are not like in the movies.

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