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How can I create an ensemble model which combines Market Mix Models and Multi touch attribution models?

I have been working on developing a unified marketing measurement model which combines the output of Market Mix Models and Multi touch attribution models. I came across articles where Bayesian priors is a suggested method, but I am yet to come across any research paper which actually discusses the details of implementation/feasibility of using this...

What to use data versioning for staging environment?

We are developing our end to end pipeline and realized data versioning for sampled data in dev environment using dvc works good, but what to use for staging env or production env. so that we can reproduce our older model.

Time Series - Stock Prediction Many Stocks

Usually I see example where we  have taken the data for a particular stock say 'GE' one company and predicting the prices for GE. Now if i have data for let say for 20 companies for the time period. So what should be the approach. My model should have the capability to predict stock prices for any of the 20 companies.

Opinions on PyCaret

Hello fellow Data Scientist ! I don't know if it's the right place to ask that but I guess so let's go. I just discovered Pycaret with this notebook : And it's seems to good to be real, it made a lot with so little. So Im' quite suspicious, what do you guys...

Analytics Best Practices Book

Last month I published my 2nd book - Analytics Best Practices. Here is the link to my book if DSC members are interested. This book provides ten key analytics best practices that will improve the odds of delivering enterprise data analytics solutions successfully. It is intended for anyone who has a stake and interest in deriving insights from data...

FFT on Time Series Data

Hi All: Quick question on Time series data and Fourier Analysis. Once you get the number of the Components (say 6 from FFT), how can one find the strength of each component in the time series data set or the normalized data? How can one decompose the time series data set based on the number of Components (say 6) proportionately? Rgds P

Hardware Configuration

What would be the ideal hardware configuration for a data scientist working from home?

Data Sentiment Analysis from Social Media

Dear Members, I need more information about sentiment analysis from social media, especially to collect data. Thank you for your kind information. 

Optimization Question

I am learning data science and have a question about our project. A company has three assembly lines, which can be used to make products for customers based on their order. Depending upon the order size (count), one or more assembly lines are allocated, though this is based on best guess now. This makes that only one order (may have multiple products)...

Supervised Ratio usage for categorical features with high cardinatlity

Hello Members, I hereby would like to have your inputs and insights on the above mentioned subject matter. I have a feature data of supplier codes and it is a part of the data set which is being used to feed in the classification model to understand if a particular will be received on time or not. For the supplier code data, I wanted to use the...

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