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Global Data Science Platform Market: Trends and Opportunities

Up until recently, oil was considered the most valuable resource on earth for it powers the cars on our roads and airplanes in the sky and is an important source of generating electricity needed to operate industries and light up our homes. Not anymore. The most valuable resource these days is data. With the proliferation of smart mobile gadgets, popularity...

Advices for use case in Data Science

Hello there, I have a use case and I would like to know your opinion on it. What's your comprehensive approach about it. :) I have some idea but I would like to cross-check with yours. Let me resume : There is a marketplace who let users submit a request to organise a group trip. For each request, 5 carriers propose a quote. The quote will incorporate...

Data Science Techniques to eliminate False Negatives

Quite often in Data Science we deal with use cases where the penalty for False Negative can be huge. Examples can be missing to predict having a disease, denying loan based on false prediction, not acting on a cyber threat etc.  So the question is what kind of techniques exist to minimize or eliminate false negatives?

Data Science as a Service Industry Overview and Growth Outlook

Data science is a technology used for analyzing large amount of data. It is the analysis for source of information, content of the information and how that information could be transformed into a valuable asset for creating business opportunities and information technology strategies. Data science includes data discovery, which uses the data inference...

Example of Traffic Camera Maintenance Dashboard

I am in the process of developing a dashboard to showcase traffic camera maintenance. The dashboard will be used to showcase maintenance issues, repairs, in/out of operation etc. and will be used to demonstrate how this impacts our organization from a budgeting standpoint. Can anyone please point me to some good examples of dashboards that would demonstrate...

Graduate Programs in Healthcare Data Science

Hi All, I'm wondering if anyone here knows of any accredited online graduate healthcare data science programs? I'm trying to pivot my database developer analyst background towards data science and am hoping to specialize in healthcare. My searches have only turned up masters programs, and since I already have a masters in software engineering,...

How to train a logistic regression model

Ok, I'm turning to the expertise on this forum to sanity check what I believe I've chanced upon. To put us on the same page the goal for a logistic regression is to determine a vector of real numbers which will serve as coefficients producing a linear combination of the feature vector values (plus a constant).  That said, I'm now going to present...

Anyone knows how to integrate data science with material science?

Hey guys,I have a masters in materials science and engineering and recently found an interest in data science. Could anyone guide me on how I can use my masters degree to have a career in data science. Thank you

How to change the email?

I changed my email. I received the verified email in my new email address. But when I key in the password, It showed no account with the new email.

Help others to get started with Machine Learning.

To democratize the organizational use of AI especially for those with little data, I have set up a survey to gain insights on the training of Machine Learning models on external data. But I need your help (if you are training Machine Learning models on external data for organizational use). The...

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