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AE to CEO: The Journey

When you’re first starting a sales career, the most obvious trajectory is to go from SDR to AE to Sales Manager (and up from there). But what about for those of us who want to take the path less traveled? My journey diverged at the beginning of 2023 when I decided to go “all in” on my role as CEO of my business of two years, Women in Sales. This journey...

Fri Feb 16, 2024 04:14
The State of Account Identification: 2024 and Beyond

2023 was a year of significant change and growth for Demandbase. We’ve released multi-language Intent, rolled out buying groups to our first set of customers, and improved our prescriptive sales dashboards. account identifi A continued factor in our success: The stable improvement of our target account identification Demandbase has always taken...

Fri Feb 16, 2024 03:14
The Best Podcast Conversations of 2023 That Marketing Shouldn’t Miss

As we continue into the new year, we wanted to highlight some of the most engaging marketing discussions on the Sunny Side Up Podcast from 2023. Join us as we revisit these conversations that share key insights into navigating economic uncertainty, enterprise brand transformation, the future of Martech, and more! Whether you’re a seasoned marketing...

Sat Feb 3, 2024 03:07
Predictive Models – Future Insights from Past Data

Using statistical algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze historical and current data to make informed predictions about future events.  Or “determining future performance based on current and historical data” (Investopedia). That’s predictive analytics. Predictive analytics models are the (often very sophisticated) tools used to...

Tue Jan 30, 2024 20:29
Which 2024 Content House Member Are You Most Like?

We’re proud to say that we were a recent sponsor and participant of the Sales Creator Kickoff Content House #SCKO. We had a ton of fun talking to the amazing sales creators who came to Tampa (you can read about some of their Super Bowl and B2B sales and marketing predictions here). In this blog, we interviewed six sellers and asked them about themselves...

Fri Jan 26, 2024 02:24
Touchdown Tactics: Super Bowl Predictions Meet B2B Sales and Marketing Strategies

As 2024 kicks off, many of us are excited about all the fun events that come with the beginning of the year. Valentine’s Day, company holidays, and even an extra day to enjoy, thanks to 2024 being a leap year. But perhaps one of the most invigorating events in these early days of the new year is the Super Bowl. And as sellers and marketers do, we usually...

Thu Jan 25, 2024 02:23

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