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Turning Cow Poop Into Energy Sounds Like a Good Idea — But Not Everyone Is on Board

In California’s Central Valley, a gas utility is harvesting methane from manure on cow feedlots. Critics worry the push toward biogas will only further entrench two polluting industries.

Green Spaces Are a Necessity, Not an Amenity. How Can Cities Make Them Accessible to Everyone?

A growing body of science is demonstrating that spending time in nature — or even an urban park or garden — is good for us. But the grass isn’t green for everyone.

If Humans Are Social Creatures, Why Did Social Anxiety Evolve? 

Fear of social situations existed long before the COVID-19 pandemic. Evolutionary models may explain why we developed this trait in the first place.

From Barter to Bitcoin: The History of Money

Currency has come a long way since the days our ancestors primarily exchanged goods and services. But where did the idea of money come from?

Chronic Fear of Environmental Doom? You’re Not Alone

Climate anxiety is real — and psychologists are taking notice. Experts say there are proactive things you can do to ease your worries and help slow the climate crisis at the same time.

The Art You Like Reveals Your Personality Traits

Much like beauty, art is in the eye of the beholder.

We Don’t Really Know What’s in Pre-Workout Supplements

There's no conclusive evidence that pre-workout products work, and some ingredients (labeled or not) can put your health at risk. In the past, products have been banned only after killing consumers.

Can Trees Heal Heart Disease?

Researchers in this polluted city are planting thousands of trees in a bold health experiment aimed at lowering rates of cardiovascular disease.

Five Kitchen Sink Science Experiments To Try At Home

Try out these hands-on citizen science projects. You don’t even have to leave the house.

The Eruption at La Soufrière on St. Vincent Takes an Explosive Turn

For the past few months, a dark lava dome has been growing on La Soufrière on the island of St. Vincent. Today, that eruption suddenly became explosive.

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