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The Ordovician Extinction: Our Planet’s First Brush With Death

The first mass die-off on Earth was also one of the deadliest. Scientists continue to piece together the story of what happened.

Can Chanting OM Reduce Stress and Anxiety?

OM, the word spoken in meditation and yoga practices, has existed for nearly 5,000 years. Can chanting this small word really provide a multitude of health benefits?

The Animal Kingdom Is Full of Righties and Lefties

Many creatures favor one side of the body over another, just as humans do. Scientists are interested in learning what makes animals right or left-pawed, so to speak, because it offer fascinating insights into evolution and brain development.

The 25 Best CBD Oils for Sale

Final Word: Different Analyses Show 2020 Either in a Tie for Warmest Year or in 2nd Place

The world’s seven warmest years have all occurred since 2014.

The Nile Was a Lifeline in the Desert for Ancient Nubia and Egypt

Ancient civilizations used the powerful waterway for trade, agriculture and building projects. In turn, it fueled historic societal growth.

Best CBD Oil for Dogs with Arthritis

The Best Dog Joint Supplement – Buyers Guide

How Medieval Europe Finally Ditched Roman Numerals

The Hindu-Arabic number system we use in everyday life was truly revolutionary. Why did it take so long for the West to embrace it?

Welcome to 'Hail Alley,' a U.S. Region Prone to Pelting Ice

A few unfortunate factors make some western states more susceptible to strong, damaging storms. Researchers are collecting data to better predict when hail will fall.

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