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Heroes Who Could Really Use a Buff

The cyclical nature of patches might not be ideal, but it does keep things fresh. Every patch some heroes essentially get “rotated out” of the professional and high-level pub meta and are replaced by newly buffed characters. For the most part it works surprisingly well: there are usually no completely unusable heroes, they just become very specific....

One Week After 7.27

It’s been a week since the latest Dota patch was introduced to the game and now is the best time to look at some preliminary trends. Spoiler alert: the game still needs some small fixes.

What is High Ground Advantage?

Players often talk about high ground advantage in Dota, but very few actually fully understand how important it is and how much it can change the battle. Today we would like to have a look through the advantages higher ground gives you and overview some of the common mistakes players make when they are in an advantageous position.

Supports You Might Be Playing Wrong

The significance of supports in the later stages of the game has been increasing steadily over the years. Despite that, many players are too accustomed to their sacrificial role in the game and it prevents them from having an impact and winning their games. Today we would like to have a look at three different supports who have a respectable winrate,...

Underappreciated Supports of the Current Meta

While screen-filling armies is what defines the current patch, there are still heroes who manage to win more than 50% of their games, but are underappreciated by the community. Many of them are also not the most skill-intensive heroes and can be learned with ease by most players. Today we are going to look at three such heroes, who are already doing...

Defeat The Zoo Masters

In the current meta, and the current environment, nature is healing and animals are running free. Wolves, bears, treants, boars, and other creatures are running around like they own the map. And they kind of do.

The Three Most Important Heroes of the Pub Scene

There’s always been a disconnect between what is popular and effective in the professional matches and what works really well in pubs. However, with the general level of play increasing, the differences became much smaller and the heroes we are going to discuss today are viable at the highest level of play, while being quite a bit of a nuisance in regular...

Controlling The Map To Win

In this article, we’ll discuss map control, why it’s important, and how to look at the map to gain an advantage in your games.

The Three Most Important Heroes of the Professional Scene

While pubs keep on getting dominated by summoning heroes, professional players still prioritize flexibility during the draft. Queen of Pain, Ember Spirit and Dragon Knight became some of the most important heroes in the pro-meta not because of their strength, but because they can be effective in most positions and in multiple different lanes.

Why Is Omniknight So Bad?

Once in a new moon, a new meta rises from the ashes. From this new meta, some heroes float to the top and others sink to the bottom. In this current meta, some wacky things have floated to the top that no one predicted.

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