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SORA: Destroyer of worlds, generator of worlds

Above: Watch Dave Altizer’s introduction to Sora. EOSHD’s Andrew Reid takes a look at OpenAI’s powerful new generative AI video tool, Sora. This is big news, a big shock really. The announcement today of Sora by OpenAI raises a lot of questions, but also raises the bar for generative AI video creativity far beyond that currently offered by existing...

Fri Feb 16, 2024 05:53
Sony a9 III high ISO RAW test – A noisier 6K sensor than predecessor

I have put some of the high ISO RAW samples from the Sony a9 III under the pixel peeping microscope. The results do show there is a trade off for having a global shutter. 24 megapixel, or 6K in movie terms has been something of a sweet spot for balancing resolution and high ISO performance. These full frame cameras are comfortable competing with...

Wed Nov 8, 2023 17:24
Thoughts on the Sony a9 III, first global shutter mirrorless camera

Previous global shutter cameras were the Digital Bolex (by virtue of its Kodak CCD) and the Sony F55. Now the technology is on the cusp of a breakthrough with the Sony a9 III, thanks to the new manufacturing process of stacked CMOS chips. Could global shutter now become mainstream even on smartphones, and is this the end of the humble mechanical...

Wed Nov 8, 2023 00:08
Apple Event was shot with Blackmagic Camera App

For reasons why Apple might become a serious player in cinema, check out my post on the iPhone 15 Pro here There has been speculation about the “Thank you” at the end of Apple’s Special Event, which aired to launch the new M3 MacBooks. Apple addresses Blackmagic and Beastgrip at the end of the video, leading to rumours that Cupertino shunned FCPX...

Wed Nov 1, 2023 06:31
Apple positions iPhone 15 Pro as a cinema camera, wants a share of the mirrorless market

Smartphones are mature, with manufacturers looking for ways to stand out. With the launch of the iPhone 15 Pro, Apple have put the focus very clearly on the professional video capabilities of the new handsets. But there is more here than meets the eye… The tech giant went so far as to shoot the latest Apple Event on the iPhone 15 Pro Max using...

Wed Nov 1, 2023 02:30
New Leica Q3 points to future Panasonic S1H Mark II specs such as 8K and ProRes

As keen eye observers of the camera industry will know, the Leica Q3 is the result of a close partnership between Panasonic and Leica (L² technology-sharing partnership). Panasonic provide the digital side and Leica the industrial design & housing. The lens has Leica’s formula but is digitally corrected, so not made in Wetzlar. Essentially when...

Mon Oct 30, 2023 17:13

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