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The Gerald Undone Challenge

Everybody loves Mr Undone. The YouTube bros line up around the block to circle jerk with handsome Gerald, but I for the life of me cannot find any of the great guru’s cinematic work! Continue reading The Gerald Undone Challenge at EOSHD.com - Filmmaking Gear and Camera Reviews.

Death by 1000 Canon Fanboys and Philip Bloomers

Does David Lynch think a yappy assistant is trouble? Try getting clawed in the neck on both sides from Canon fanboys and Philip Bloom sheeples. Continue reading Death by 1000 Canon Fanboys and Philip Bloomers at EOSHD.com - Filmmaking Gear and Camera Reviews.

EOSHD on YouTube – Leica SL2 – a PR offensive but still no fix for video mode

A tale of broken promises and a resistance to fixing fundamental problems. Is this how PR works in the camera industry? Promise a factory visit (twice), hand out a free battery grip but whatever you do, don’t fix the product! Continue reading EOSHD on YouTube – Leica SL2 – a PR offensive but still no fix for video mode at EOSHD.com - Filmmaking Gear...

EOSHD on YouTube – a major Canon EOS R6 audio input problem

I recently found a disturbing issue with the EOS R6 when used with an external mic and an external USB C power supply connected to the camera. Check it out on my new YouTube channel and don’t forget to like, subscribe, hit the notification bell and admire my amazingly dramatic thumbnail expression. Continue reading EOSHD on YouTube – a major Canon...

What comes closest to Hasselblad medium format look in video-land? EOSHD on YouTube

I take a look at what’s been going on in cameras this week, with some thoughts on the GFX 100, EOS R6, Panasonic S1H and other “goings-on”. Caution: some strong(ish) language. For more on my Hasselblad adventures see my review of the H3D II with HUGE Kodak CCD sensor: My guide to buying a cheap Hasselblad medium format camera Continue reading What...

When will Adobe fix Premiere? It kills Fuji footage and can’t edit Canon 10bit C-LOG!

Above: The new Fuji X-S10 and Canon EOS R6 10bit mirrorless cameras do not play well with Adobe Premiere Pro. Fuji users have probably – 90% of them – not been seeing the true capabilities of their cameras, because Adobe Premiere’s hardware acceleration doesn’t interpret the files correctly. As the EOSHD Dynamic Range Enhancer shows by fixing this,...

Fuji GF 32-64mm F4: Thoughts on a powerhouse of a lens

Here are some shots I recently took with my GFX 100 and 32-64mm F4. We’ll also compare it with the 50mm F3.5 pancake. It is sharper than a prime and has nicer bokeh than a prime. Zooms have come a long way. Here we explore the GF 32-64MM F4, which in full frame equivalent terms is a 25-51mm F3.2. This doesn’t really mean a lot, because medium format...

Canon EOS R3 sensor leaks – And it’s a Sony! (Rumor)

The EOS R3 is rumoured to feature the 30.38 megapixel sensor detailed here. That makes it the first Canon flagship EOS camera to use an off the shelf sensor from Sony. Canon has used Sony sensors in the past on some cameras. Notably I believe Canon are a customer for the off the shelf 20 megapixel 1″ sensor in cameras like the G7x Mark II for example....

I just don’t get it. Why did Canon remove EOS R features on the more expensive EOS R6?

Above: One of my stills shot on the EOS R6. Limited dynamic range, heavy rolling shutter, line skipping in 4K/60p and a crop of the edges of the sensor. The EOS R6 is a car crash of market segmentation. Earlier in the year a Canon executive did an interview where he seemed to lay the blame at our door for the bad reputation of their own product. At...

EOSHD Dynamic Range Enhancer for H.264 / H.265

Available now – just $19.99! Are you seeing the full dynamic range of your files? One of the most common video problems today is the destructive clipping of shadows and highlights in post. The cause can be a range of complex hardware and software issues. Rather than pull one’s hair out in trying to find a solution, the EOSHD Dynamic Range Enhancer...

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