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ETF Battles: S&P 500 Dividend Growth vs. Quality and Yield – A SURPRISING TWIST!

In this episode of ETF Battles, Ron DeLegge @etfguide referees an audience requested contest between S&P 500 dividend ETFs from Global X (QDIV) vs. ProShares (NOBL). Which ETF wins this dividend bash? Program judges David Dierking at TheStreet and Tony Dong at ETF Central examine this dividend ETF duel to see which ETF is the better choice....

Thu Nov 30, 2023 23:39
ETF Investing: A Historic Year and What Comes Next

In this episode of Spotlight, Ron DeLegge @etfguide chats with Mike Akins, the Founder at ETF Action about ETF performance, asset flows, tax loss harvesting and major investing trends/themes. Mike shares his ETF Action dashboard, providing a real time view of key trends inside the ETF marketplace. ********* *GET YOUR FREE ETF ACTION ACCOUNT*...

Wed Nov 29, 2023 22:24
ETF Update: Bitcoin vs. Everything Else + ETF Fee Wars

*YOUR RESOURCES FROM RON* GET: Margin of Safety tool: ACTIVATE: Your FREE ETFguide membership: DOWNLOAD: Q4 Active ETF Guide READ & LISTEN: Habits of the Investing Greats READ & LISTEN: Portfolio...

Fri Nov 24, 2023 23:11
ETF Battles: Which is the Best Quality Factor Stock Fund? A QUADRUPLE HEADER!

In this episode of ETF Battles, Ron DeLegge @etfguide referees an audience requested contest between quality factor ETFs from Blackrock’s iShares (QUAL), Fidelity (FLRG), JPMorgan Asset Management (JQUA), and VanEck (MOAT). Program judges Cinthia Murphy with the ETF Think Tank and Mike Akins with ETF Action breakdown this ETF rumble to see which...

Fri Nov 17, 2023 01:27
Getting Reliable Dividends in the ETF Market

In this episode of Spotlight, Stephanie Stanton @etfguide interviews Lance McGray, Head of ETFs at Advisors Asset Management about the faltering 60/40 portfolio mix and why it might be time to examine better strategies. You’ll also learn about ETF strategies for year-end tax loss selling. Plus, you’ll learn about how to get reliable dividend income...

Tue Nov 14, 2023 12:28
First Look ETF: Jump in Active Funds Pushes ETFs to a Record Breaking Year

In this episode of First Look ETF, Stephanie Stanton @etfguide analyzes new actively managed ETFs from GMO, USCF Investments and Zacks Investment Management. The newly launched ETFs for our November episode use active investment strategies linked to commodities and stocks. The guest lineup for this episode includes: 1. Douglas Yones, ChFC, Head...

Mon Nov 13, 2023 19:05

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