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Boiler Not Firing Up? Here’s How to Fix It! (UK)

A boiler that doesn’t fire up can easily ruin your day.  After all, you won’t have heating and hot water available. Good thing that there are a few simple checks you can do on your own for your boiler to ignite all over again. However, it is still important that you talk to a professional boiler engineer before you take any action. There could be...

Top 5 Best Restaurants in Woking

Opinion of Flowright Plumbers Woking: Woking is a historical town that boasts of modern-day ambitions where you can find a wide selection of great places to dine in. If you ever find yourself wandering around the streets of this lovely town, here are top 5 best restaurants in Woking where you can fill your tummy and satisfy your taste buds. Beit...

7 Warning Signs You Need to Call a Plumber UK

No matter how confident you might be with your DIY skills, there are several water problems that are best left to the hands of professional and skilled plumbers. More than fixing the issues, expert plumbers will also make sure that these problems won’t get worse in the first place. Here are some 7 warning signs that there is a problem with your plumbing...

Top 10 Automatic Water Shut Off Valves UK 2021

Leaky taps, damaged pipes, and faulty appliances can cause serious trouble for your home. A major leak can easily lead to thousands of dollars worth of repair that can cause massive disruption in your home’s activities. Good thing that that automatic water shut off valves are here to the rescue. Always speak to a reliable plumber to gain more knowledge...

5 Common Faults in Boilers and How to Fix Them UK

Info provided by Flowright Plumbers Woking: How often do you even think about your boiler? Many of you are probably guilty of taking your boiler for granted. You just expect that it will always be there to give you heat and provide you hot water supply. It is not until your boiler gets broken that you realize how your UK home can turn into complete...

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