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Hot demand for bitcoin ETF as ‘Wild West’ meets Wall St

Launch of crypto-linked investment fund lends ‘professional’ edge to swashbuckling asset class

From Baltic to Balkans, Covid crisis engulfs central and eastern Europe

Infection and death rates are the world’s highest and vaccination take-up is low, forcing renewed restrictions

US stocks pull back from record highs

Investors brace for bumpier performance with interest rate rises on the horizon

US Supreme Court agrees to hear challenges to Texas abortion law

Court will allow restrictive law to remain in effect for now but will hear oral arguments next month

Health leaders accuse ministers of bungling rollout of UK booster jab

Vaccine drive described as ‘fragmented’ with half the people eligible for third dose yet to come forward

How Poland became Europe’s biggest rebel

Support for the EU remains strong, but the confrontation with Brussels is prompting a debate on the Polish right about ‘Polexit’

Supply chains: spending and output flexibility keys to resilience

The winners of this crisis must have deep pockets

EU leaders warn of risk to industry over shortage of magnesium from China

Unless smelters restart carmakers and many others are threatened by lack of essential ingredient for aluminium alloys

Supply chain pressures cast shadow over manufacturing recovery

PMI surveys show overall growth in business activity slowing in Europe but improving in the UK and US

Merkel warns of ‘spiral’ in Brussels’ conflict with Poland

Chancellor expresses concern over state of EU at last European summit as German leader

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