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Sunak statement helps reduce inflation but risks higher rate rises

Chancellor’s actions deliver hot inflationary potato straight into the lap of the Bank of England.

New York indicts 41 people related to shoplifting ring

Authorities claim accused brought in millions of dollars from theft of luxury goods, toiletries and gift cards

How will new help measures for UK energy bills work?

The government has announced a £15bn package to help with the cost of living crisis

A tariff on Russian oil could pave the way to an embargo

The best way to squeeze Moscow’s war machine is to deprive it of energy profits

Stormont to be recalled in effort to end N Ireland political paralysis

US delegation fails to defuse tensions triggered by dispute over post-Brexit trading relations

Orbán levies windfall taxes on business to shore up budget

Hungary also plans investment cuts as premier wields emergency powers to address ‘economic crisis’

US to retain focus on China as greatest threat to international order

Secretary of state accuses Beijing of becoming ‘more repressive at home and more aggressive abroad’

Cost of living crisis: Sunak engages in ‘serious redistribution’ to help UK’s poorest

Measures in chancellor’s £15bn package will offer ‘life raft’ to millions struggling to cope with soaring prices

BBC to cut output and 1,000 jobs in response to licence fee squeeze

Broadcaster also battling inflation as it outlines plans to save £200mn annually that will involve the closure of two TV stations

China’s central bank faces a delicate balancing act

A strong dose of monetary easing may boost short-term growth, but would risk inflating stock and housing bubbles

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