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Overwatch 2 Sombra Rework Trailer

Learn more about how Sombra has been changed and tuned for Overwatch 2. Her hack now has a secondary ability, but also a change in her primary ability. Your hacked targets will show where they are to Sombra and her teammates. Find out more about her rework.

Overwatch 2 Bastion Rework Trailer

Learn more about Bastions changes in Overwatch 2. His ultimate has changed to an artillery strike instead of his tank form. Also he can move around now in his sentry mode. See some of the changes in action and more.

The Witcher: Blood Origin First Look Goes Behind The Scenes Of The Prequel

Netflix revealed today as part of its Tudum event the first look at The Witcher: Blood Origin. This first clip takes us behind the scenes of the show with showrunner Declan de Barra.The Witcher books that the Netflix series are based on have a rich history woven throughout the story of Geralt of Rivia, and The Witcher: Blood Origin will delve into it....

Netflix Releases The Witcher Season 2 Sneak Peeks, Announces Season 3 Renewal

The Witcher Season 2 finally hits this winter, just in time for Christmas. The teasers have been short and mysterious, thus far, but Netflix offered up a pair of sneak peek videos and some big announcements--including that The Witcher Season 3 is on the way--as well.The first clip gives us a look at the first episode of Season 2, based on the Witcher...

Netflix's Natural Disaster Satire Don't Look Up Gets New Clip, New Release Date

Netflix has released a new clip of Don't Look Up, the upcoming satire disaster movie from Adam McKay that follows two scientists who must inform the world that an Earth-destroying asteroid is coming. Netflix revealed this clip as part of Tudum, its streaming virtual fan event.In Don't Look Up, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence play astronomers...

Army Of Thieves Full Trailer Delivers Action, Humor, And Heists

The full trailer for Army of Thieves is here, arriving to Netflix on October 29. The movie is a prequel to Zack Snyder's zombie movie Army of the Dead.The Army of Thieves trailer was revealed as part of Tudum, Netflix's virtual streaming fan event. The movie focuses on Ludwig Dieter, the safe-cracker played by Matthias Schweighöfer in Army of the Dead....

Cowboy Bebop's Stunning Opening Sequence Revealed By Netflix

The title sequence for Netflix's live-action Cowboy Bebop has been released. The opening to the highly-anticipated adaptation of the classic anime series was revealed during Tudum, the streaming giant's virtual fan event.The sequence mirrors the iconic anime's opening in style, which sets the tone for the show. Against composer Yoko Kanno's iconic Cowboy...

Netflix Sets Release Tiger King 2 For November 17 Release

Netflix recently announced that it would be doing a sequel to the acclaimed true crime documentary series Tiger King. Now, during the streaming service's Tudum event, we know Tiger King 2 will be released on November 17.Tiger King 2 is part of Netflix's upcoming slate of new true crime shows and movies. Netflix recently promoted itself as "the home...

Netflix Releases Vikings Valhalla Teaser Trailer

Vikings Valhalla, a prequel to History Channel's Vikings, was revealed back in 2019. Since then, quite a bit about the show has been revealed, from the cast to the first tease about what to expect. Now, though, Netflix has pulled back the curtain on the series.In a teaser trailer for Vikings Valhalla, Netflix introduced some of the major players you'll...

Netflix's Arcane Series Gets New Trailer And November Release Date

The animated Netflix series event Arcane is coming to the streaming service on November 6. Based on the world of League of Legends, Netflix and Riot Games debuted a new trailer for the upcoming series during Tudum, Netflix's event.Arcane takes place in the utopian world of Piltover in multiple Runeterra regions. Of course, you can expect Easter eggs...

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