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A ChatGPT Bot Interviews a ChatGPT Bot and Demonstrate the Real Problem with AI Solutions

There's nothing new under the sun, and there's no follow through.

Do This for 6 to 9 Minutes Every Day to Improve Your Memory and Brain Function, New Study Shows

Even if you're super-busy, you can manage this.

Warren Buffett Says 3 Major Decisions in Life Will Be the Difference Between Success and Failure

Avoiding failure requires making some new decisions.

IBM Just Released Its New 'People Mantra'. It's Just 3 Words and CEOs Everywhere Should Listen Up

A refreshing take on recession-proofing the business. It starts with people.

How Mission-Driven Companies Are Preparing for a Recession

When downturns strike, corporate diversity and sustainability initiatives can become victims of cost-cutting. Here's how founders in those sectors are responding.

How the Department of Justice Lawsuit Against Google Could Harm Small Businesses

Don't give the DOJ more evidence that Google is crimping online ad competition.

Everything You Need To Know About New Data Privacy Laws

New state privacy laws will impact how small businesses collect user data and market to their customers.

Waiting Until You Can Create the Perfect Plan? 18 Years Ago, Steve Jobs Said You Can Only Connect the Dots Looking Backwards

FOX NASCAR pit reporter and 'Racehub' co-host Josh Sims is a prime example.

4 Ways to Optimize Your Marketing Strategy With Data

Understand your audience and target more effectively.

Is This the Real Reason Google, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft Are Having Layoffs?

Are 51,000 people losing their jobs because their employers want to shift the balance of power?

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