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Top Python Data Science Interview Questions

Six must-know technical concepts and two types of questions to test them.

Full cross-validation and generating learning curves for time-series models

Standard cross-validation on time series data is not possible because the data model is sequential, which does not lend well to splitting the data into statistically useful training and validation sets. However, a new approach called Reconstructive Cross-validation may pave the way toward performing this type of important analysis for predictive models...

How to Use Kafka Connect to Create an Open Source Data Pipeline for Processing Real-Time Data

This article shows you how to create a real-time data pipeline using only pure open source technologies. These include Kafka Connect, Apache Kafka, Kibana and more.

Overview of Albumentations: Open-source library for advanced image augmentations

With code snippets on augmentations and integrations with PyTorch and Tensorflow pipelines.

The Lost Art of Decile Analysis

The goal of classification is a primary and widely-used application of machine learning algorithms. However, if careful consideration through additional analysis is not taken into the subtlety in the results of an even an apparently straightforward binary classifier, then the deeper meaning of your prediction may be obscured.

ColabCode: Deploying Machine Learning Models From Google Colab

New to ColabCode? Learn how to use it to start a VS Code Server, Jupyter Lab, or FastAPI.

MS in Analytics at Northwestern – Learn about the benefits of corporate sponsorship

The MS in Analytics program at Northwestern invites you to an info session about project sponsorship, Aug 3 at 5 pm CT. Discover how your business can benefit from actionable machine learning solutions and insights developed by Northwestern students.

The Best SOTA NLP Course is Free!

Hugging Face has recently released a course on using its libraries and ecosystem for practical NLP, and it appears to be very comprehensive. Have a look for yourself.

WHT: A Simpler Version of the fast Fourier Transform (FFT) you should know

The fast Walsh Hadamard transform is a simple and useful algorithm for machine learning that was popular in the 1960s and early 1970s. This useful approach should be more widely appreciated and applied for its efficiency.

Design patterns in machine learning

Can we abstract best practices to real design patterns yet?

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