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Some Things Uber Learned from Running Machine Learning at Scale

Uber machine learning runtime Michelangelo has been in operation for a few years. What has the Uber team learned?

A Complete Guide To Survival Analysis In Python, part 1

This three-part series covers a review with step-by-step explanations and code for how to perform statistical survival analysis used to investigate the time some event takes to occur, such as patient survival during the COVID-19 pandemic, the time to failure of engineering products, or even the time to closing a sale after an initial customer contact.

5th International Summer School 2020 on Resource-aware Machine Learning (REAML)

The Resource-aware Machine Learning summer school provides lectures on the latest research in machine learning, with the twist on resource consumption and how these can be reduced. This year it will be held online between 31st of August and 4th of September, and is free of charge. Register now.

PyTorch for Deep Learning: The Free eBook

For this week's free eBook, check out the newly released Deep Learning with PyTorch from Manning, made freely available via PyTorch's website for a limited time. Grab it now!

Scope and Impact of AI in Agriculture

The major advantage of focusing on AI-based methods is that they tackle each of the challenges faced by farmers from seed sowing to harvesting of crops separately and rather than generalising, provide customised solutions to a specific problem.

Top Stories, Jun 29 – Jul 5: Speed up your Numpy and Pandas with NumExpr Package; Deploy Machine Learning Pipeline on AWS Fargate

Also: Getting Started with TensorFlow 2; An Introduction to Statistical Learning: The Free eBook; How Much Math do you need in Data Science?; Data Cleaning: The secret ingredient to the success of any Data Science Project

A Layman’s Guide to Data Science. Part 3: Data Science Workflow

Learn and appreciate the typical workflow for a data science project, including data preparation (extraction, cleaning, and understanding), analysis (modeling), reflection (finding new paths), and communication of the results to others.

Exploratory Data Analysis on Steroids

This is a central aspect of Data Science, which sometimes gets overlooked. The first step of anything you do should be to know your data: understand it, get familiar with it. This concept gets even more important as you increase your data volume: imagine trying to parse through thousands or millions of registers and make sense out of them.

Deploy Machine Learning Pipeline on AWS Fargate

A step-by-step beginner’s guide to containerize and deploy ML pipeline serverless on AWS Fargate.

Generating cooking recipes using TensorFlow and LSTM Recurrent Neural Network: A step-by-step guide

A character-level LSTM (Long short-term memory) RNN (Recurrent Neural Network) is trained on ~100k recipes dataset using TensorFlow. The model suggested the recipes "Cream Soda with Onions", "Puff Pastry Strawberry Soup", "Zucchini flavor Tea", and "Salmon Mousse of Beef and Stilton Salad with Jalapenos". Yum!? Follow along this detailed guide with...

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