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Data Profession Job Satisfaction: Beware Of The Drop

Latest KDnuggets Poll results: The Job satisfaction has declined for ML Engineers, Data Scientists, and Data Analysts, but remained the same for Data Engineers, and Managers/Directors. Data Scientist job satisfaction has an alarming drop in mid-career. Finally, which regions have the highest and lowest job satisfactions?

What makes a song popular? Analyzing Top Songs on Spotify

With so many great (and not-so-great) songs out there, it can be hard to find those that match your musical preferences. Follow along this ML model building project to explore the extensive song data available on Spotify and design a recommendation engine that could help you discover your next favorite artist!

Essential Math for Data Science: Linear Transformation with Matrices

You’ll start seeing matrices, not only as operations on numbers, but also as a way to transform vector spaces. This conception will give you the foundations needed to understand more complex linear algebra concepts like matrix decomposition.

6 Mistakes To Avoid While Training Your Machine Learning Model

While training the AI model, multi-stage activities are performed to utilize the training data in the best manner, so that outcomes are satisfying. So, here are the 6 common mistakes you need to understand to make sure your AI model is successful.

Top 3 Statistical Paradoxes in Data Science

Observation bias and sub-group differences generate statistical paradoxes.

The Most In-Demand Skills for Data Scientists in 2021

If you are preparing to make a career as a Data Scientist or are looking for opportunities to skill-up in your current role, this analysis of in-demand skills for 2021, based on over 15,000 Data Scientist job postings, should offer you a good idea as to which programming languages and software tools are increasing and decreasing in importance.

ETL in the Cloud: Transforming Big Data Analytics with Data Warehouse Automation

Today, organizations are increasingly implementing cloud ETL tools to handle large data sets. With data sets becoming larger by the day, unified ETL tools have become crucial for data integration needs of enterprises.

Is Your Model Overtained?

WeightWatcher is based on theoretical research (done injoint with UC Berkeley) into Why Deep Learning Works, based on our Theory of Heavy Tailed Self-Regularization (HT-SR). It uses ideas from Random Matrix Theory (RMT), Statistical Mechanics, and Strongly Correlated Systems.

Continuous Training for Machine Learning – a Framework for a Successful Strategy

A basic appreciation by anyone who builds machine learning models is that the model is not useful without useful data. This doesn't change after a model is deployed to production. Effectively monitoring and retraining models with updated data is key to maintaining valuable ML solutions, and can be accomplished with effective approaches to production-level...

KDnuggets™ News 21:n14, Apr 14: A/B Testing: Common Questions and Answers in Data Science Interviews; Interpretable Machine Learning: The Free eBook

Common Questions and Answers on A/B testing in Data Science Interviews; Interpretable Machine Learning: The Free eBook; Why machine learning struggles with causality; Deep Learning Recommendation Models: A Deep Dive; and more.

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