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How to Submit iOS Feedback When You’re Not Running Beta Software

When you’re not running beta software on your iPhone or iPad, the Feedback Assistant app that lets you report bugs and suggest changes disappears. Fortunately, there are still three simple ways to submit software feedback to Apple and help make iOS and iPadOS better.

Donald Trump Is Launching His Own Social Network: What We Know So Far

Former US President Donald Trump has announced a new bid at launching his own alternative to major social media platforms.

How to Create and Scan QR Codes on Chromebook

Quick Response codes, or QR codes for short, are advanced barcodes that contain more information than a traditional barcode. These codes are two-dimensional, allowing you to scan them vertically or horizontally.

How to Mask a Subject in Photoshop Using the Subject Select Tool

The ability to create masks in Photoshop is one of the core features that allow for layer-based photo editing.

How to Remove Spaces in Excel

Excel is an incredibly powerful data analysis tool that continues to be the go-to for every individual even after 30+ years of its invention. Mastering some Excel functions is a good idea, as it can help you maximize your productivity. These also come in extremely handy when you want to do away with minor glitches like removing extra spaces and all.

8 Iconic 3D Printed Masks for Halloween

Do you have a 3D printer but no costume for Halloween? Make your own mask this fall by using timeless Halloween character models that you can print at home.

How Can Zero-Trust Security Prevent Ransomware Attacks?

The digital transformation and shift in work patterns have drastically changed the network security landscape. Employees are bringing remote devices and accessing data from outside the corporate network. The same data is also shared with external collaborators like partners and vendors.

How to Find Out What Your Screen Resolution Is

A screen resolution is how many pixels your monitor can display horizontally and vertically. The higher the resolution, the sharper your display will appear. When you connect a monitor, Windows will automatically choose the recommended resolution.

What Is InPrivate Browsing in Microsoft Edge?

These days, you can't be too careful with your online privacy, with shady advertisers and cybercriminals eager to lay their fingers on your data. One way to keep them at bay is by browsing in private mode. Popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox feature private browsing, but did you know Microsoft Edge also supports private browsing?

Nacon MG-X Review: The Essential Controller for Android Gaming

The Nacon MG-X is a compact universal Android game controller that can turn your device into a portable console, no matter where you are. With support for devices up 6.7 inches and up to 20 hours of playback on a single charge, the MG-X is the perfect travel companion for any Android gamer, turning your smartphone or tablet into a gaming platform on...

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