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The Product Experience features conversations with the product people of the world, focusing on real insights of how to improve your product practice. Part of the Mind the Product network, hosts Lily Smith (ProductTank organiser and Product Consultan

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A devilish approach to trade offs: Part 2 - Lucy Spence on The Product Experience

In this weeks' podcast,  we jump straight back into our conversation with Lucy Spence where we speak with her about trade-offs in product management. Featured Links: Follow Lucy on LinkedIn and Twitter | Lucy's page at Medium | Lucy's 'Trade offs' talk at UX Brighton 2022 | Listen to Lucy's part 1 episode her.

A devilish approach to trade offs - Lucy Spence on The Product Experience - on The Product Experience – Part 1 of 2

Today on the product experience podcast is all about trade-offs in product. Lucy Spence, Product Director at Appvia talks to us about her unique take on this important aspect of product management.  Featured Links: Follow Lucy on LinkedIn and Twitter | Lucy's page at Medium | Lucy's 'Trade offs' talk at UX Brighton 2022

Starting a new job in product - Lily & Randy on The Product Experience

What is it like starting a brand new job in product with a shiny new title? How do you approach onboarding and ensure that you have a smooth transition into your new team? Lily and Randy in this podcast episode provide their top tips on getting things off on the right foot.  Featured Links: Follow Lily on LinkedIn and Twitter | Follow Randy on LinkedIn...

Nailing your job interview presentation - Edward Biden on The Product Experience

There's a stage in many product interviews where the hiring manager asks you to prepare a presentation. With limited information about the level of detail and the quality of your competition,  how are you meant to know what flies and what doesn't? On this weeks' podcast, we spoke with Edward Biden, Founder of Hustle Badger and former CPO at Future Learn...

The language of product - Andy Polaine on The Product Experience

Welcome back to The Product Experience podcast! For our first podcast episode to kick off 2023, we speak to Andy Polaine, Design Leadership Coach, about the systems and languages behind a product. The perfect topic to start the new year.Featured Links: Follow Andy on LinkedIn, Twitter and Mastodon | Andy's website | Andy's 'Mind Your Product Language'...

Rerun: The Power of Mentoring – DeVaris Brown on The Product Experience

Some of the most successful people we know credit their mentors for making the difference in their careers. We’ve recently heard great talks from the likes of Barry O’Reilly, Marty Cagan, and Gibson Biddle where they talk about having a ‘personal Board of Directors’.  But how do you go about getting a mentor and getting the most out of the relationship? ...

Making your product strategy come alive - Chiedza Muguti on The Product Experience

With 2023 just around the corner, product managers have been spending the last few weeks looking at their OKRs and thinking about the direction of their product. To help us better comprehend product strategy and direction, we spoke with Product Leader, Chiedza Muguti to discuss making your product strategy come alive. Let's jump right in! Featured Links:...

Bringing products to market - Lea Hickman on The Product Experience

New products get tested and brought to market every day across different scales and sectors. What are the most essential go-to-market keys to make a product launch successful? There was no one better to discuss this with than Lea Hickman, now Partner at Silicon Valley Product Group—who played a crucial part in introducing Adobe's subscription model...

The role of a product manager - Marty Cagan on The Product Experience - Part 2 of 2

Featured Links: Follow Marty on LinkedIn and Twitter | Silicon Valley Product Group | Coaching - Managing Time article at SVPG | Two in a Box PM article at SVPG | Shreyas Doshi on Twitter | How to run a Project Premortem Exercise with your Team feature at Atlassian 

Challenges of Product Management in an Enterprise Org - Daniel Elizalde on The Product Experience

Product innovation can get more challenging with the multiple layers of management you have to deal with in larger organisations. How can product managers channel their inner creative thoughts while collaborating effectively in large organisations? There was no one better to ask than Daniel Elizalde, Author of B2B Innovator’s Map, who had all of the...

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