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The F.T.C. asks for an extension to refile its Facebook antitrust suit.

The F.T.C. said in its request that it had reached an agreement with Facebook over the proposed extension.

Amazon will investigate gender bias claims in its cloud division.

Delays, More Masks and Mandatory Shots: Virus Surge Disrupts Office-Return Plans

A wave of the contagious Delta variant is causing companies to reconsider when they will require employees to return, and what health requirements should be in place when they do.

What the Fight Over Facebook Misses

The White House-Facebook coronavirus battle distracts us from the real problem: We don’t agree on anything.

The Amazonification of Space Begins in Earnest

With the suborbital flights made by Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson this month, the privatization of the space industry has crossed the point of no return.

Silicon Valley’s Best Pandemic Ever

As the world reeled, tech titans supplied the tools that made life and work possible. Now the companies are awash in money — and questions about what it means to win amid so much loss.

Kaseya, the tech firm hit by ransomware, gets the key to unlock its customers’ data.

Kaseya said the key was “effective at unlocking victims.” How the company obtained the key was a mystery.

HBO and HBO Max Subscribers Seen Reaching 73 Million in 2021

HBO and its streaming service, HBO Max, have attracted 67.5 million customers, and the company expects to reach 73 million by year end.

A.I. Predicts the Shapes of Molecules to Come

DeepMind has given 3-D structure to 350,000 proteins, including every one made by humans, promising a boon for medicine and drug design.

Amazon Ends Use of Arbitration for Customer Disputes

Now they will be pursued in federal court, a significant retreat from a strategy that often helps companies avoid liability.

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